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Umbilical Hernia

Did you know about Umbilical Hernia?

What is Umbilical Hernia?

Most of us are unaware of the fact that post birth 20% of babies suffer Umbilical hernia. 574 more words

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3 Acupressure Point for Hernia

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The width of one hand (3 Thumbs) above the crown of the inner ankle, just behind the shin bone on the front of the leg. 76 more words


Does An Umbilical Hernia Affect Your Pregnancy?

A hernia is a small hole in the abdominal wall that causes intestinal or fatty tissue within the abdomen to stick out. Since the tummy grows and stretches during pregnancy it might sometimes lead to the formation of a new hernia. 357 more words


Ten Days After Surgery

I had hoped to keep up a little more with updates, but I’ve been really busy.

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I was pretty sick of feeling yucky. I suspected it was from the prescription meds. I seem to have weird reactions to medications for some reason which is another reason why I avoid. 273 more words

Coughing is Ridiculous

This is my ultimate pet peeve right now. Right off the bat, your throats is scratchy and sore when you wake up from surgery. Then, the nurse asks, “Graham or saltine?” 420 more words

Mental Health Post-Surgery

In my experience with childbirth and two surgeries in my adult life, I think this is a neglected area of recovery prep. It’s definitely something to be aware of that you might feel kind of depressed, especially if you had a lot going on before surgery. 394 more words