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For one day only, on December 1, 2015 as part of UMC #Giving Tuesday, gifts made towards the plight of trafficked women and children under “the project of assistance to trafficked women & children #advance project N° #3021031 will be matched dollar for dollar. 149 more words


Letter Of The Law

We don’t think that Andy Krafsur needs anymore attention, but we found this article interesting in that, instead of objecting to the plan like he promised a few weeks ago, he has just written a letter to the judge. 40 more words


Open and Above Board

Is anyone else concerned that the UMC board will be appointing members to the new Children’s Board? The UMC board isn’t following its own by-laws or being responsible with our money, how do we know that they won’t do the same thing over at Children’s? 173 more words



When I was a boy, my family often gathered for Thanksgiving at my grandparents’ home in East Texas.  They lived out in the country in a farm house built in 1918.  260 more words


You Need a Good Foundation

It would appear that UMC controlled almost every aspect of the El Paso Children’s Hospital.  Services were provided (at inflated prices), the loading dock was controlled by UMC, much of the ancillary staff worked for UMC and the charitable foundation for the El Paso Children’s Hospital falls under the UMC umbrella.   150 more words


The Cays

Utila is an island community of around 8,000 people.  There are several churches on the island, and even two Methodist churches!  One of the Methodist churches is near where we live and work, in Utila Town, and the other is on ‘The Cays’ which are small islands in our ‘island complex.’  Think the Florida Keys (it’s even pronounced that way with the island accent.) 77 more words

Rent, On Demand

We understand that there is a deal between UMC and El Paso Children’s Hospital and that it will be confirmed next month.  What we don’t understand is, why is El Paso Children’s Hospital still paying rent??   164 more words