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Ugly to Beautiful: Sunrise Transformation

This is a further experiment on the Ugly to Beautiful theme. This is my favorite topic. Doesn’t tell as much of a story as the previous one, but I like it better. 59 more words

Photo Essay: My People

I decided that I wanted to take the photo topic and do something without any people. Part of this is it’s hard to coordinate with people, and part of is that I wanted a challenge. 551 more words

Athletes (My People)

To match the theme, I decided to do a slideshow comprised of pictures of professional athletes and myself I’ve met over the past few months. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to possibly play professional football and that is really heavy on my mind right now as the draft is this week. 630 more words

My People

On April 22nd, 2013, I submitted my last assignment for the course Digital Storytelling. I was asked to create a gallery of all ten images posted to my blog with the theme my people. 614 more words

Photo Essay

My first photo is of my roommate Abby. She is often in this position on her bed, which is why I chose to photograph her here. 1,067 more words

My People (Photographic Essay)

The theme of this photo was “My People”. When I first thought about this topic, I wanted to include pictures of my family. I come from a large family.  596 more words

My People

I knew when I started this assignment that I wanted to go for diversity. Multiple settings, a mix of color and black and white and filtered photographs, photos where the people were a relatively minor element (such as in “HAPPY BDAY”) and even photos where no people were in the frame at all (as in “Backstage @ The Ark” and “Post-it”). 804 more words