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annual excitement about life.

The other day I tweeted that “I’m not afraid of anything, in the spring.”

Not sure how exactly true that is, but I definitely feel better about everything right now. 799 more words

Stuff Better Left Unsaid

a year.

I missed the blog anniversary again. Which is totally in-character, but is also really sad because it was a round number.

Five whole years of nonsense. 327 more words

Stuff Better Left Unsaid


Here is an image that I took while walking along the river in central Umeå.


End of season - Aurora Borealis

Last night was what is considered to be the end of the Aurora Borealis season in town. And this year has been wonderful and we’ve been given loads of gorgeous sightings including occasional red auroras as well. 61 more words


En rosettprydd liten donna

I september blev jag mamma. Därav bloggtystnad och fotograferingstystnad. Eller åtminstone fotografering i andra avseenden att dokumentärt föreviga det lilla livet som mötte mig den där gråa septembertisdagen, men som färgar hela min värld i alla regnbågens färger. 161 more words


Moloken - All is Left to See (2015)

MolokenAll is Left to See (Temple of Torturous, 23 October 2015 / 13 November 2015 / 04 April 2016 )

Recently — like within the past few months — I stumbled across this new album by Swedish progressive-post-sludge metal band… 974 more words


SNOW: Musing on my first (full) Cold Swedish Winter

I think I am now safe in saying I have survived my first (full) Cold Swedish Winter. This morning we threw open all the windows and spring-cleaned the flat, while the snow has finally receded far enough to consider going out in normal footwear. 1,654 more words

Buried Memories