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spotify is amazing.

Interestingly enough, Spotify was invented by Swedes, which I suppose is a good enough reason to rediscover how awesome it can be while I’m here. 1,177 more words

Stuff Better Left Unsaid

the one that got away.

Hannah shared a thing on Facebook. This happens often enough to not be cosmic, but I liked the thing.

It was a thing that I believe stems from the Art Assignment YouTube channel, which once gave an assignment having to do with the premise of saying one thing to the one that got away. 147 more words

Stuff Better Left Unsaid


Holidays with family are great! Especially if they are 2,5 weeks long!
You don’t get often such a luxurious opportunity. That creates some serious quality time. 165 more words


what's real, what's not.

It’s been an interesting week.

On Sunday night I went to watch for northern lights with a friend I’ve hung out with before.

I’ve gotten confused since I’ve been here about what constitutes boundaries when loads of cultures get tossed together. 448 more words

Stuff Better Left Unsaid

Jack And Jones Shirt Of The Day

By Adeola

This red and white check shirt l bought in the city of Umeå a couple of years back.

I think l bought it in 2012. 73 more words


Födelsedags firande och Colour Me Rad!

Den 11/9 så samlades nära och kära för att fira min dag. Helt fantastiskt vad fin familj och fina vänner jag har 😍
Det blev en massa tårta, fika och presenter. 99 more words


the dreaming road.

I make no secret of my love for Mary Chapin Carpenter, but my ventures into her work from this century are sparse and timid. Until today, when I found myself listening to the last five tracks of… 1,010 more words

Stuff Better Left Unsaid