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The Little Things

echoed my sentiments, [2] teed up the football for me, or [3] entirely stolen my thunder … I’m not sure which. You can be the judge. 2,017 more words


Putting It Together

“Dear Diary,

“Well, that was exciting.

“I’ve always thought that it would be kind of a big deal for a real band to play my stuff, and said so. 957 more words


We Give Thee Thanks For Glorious Days

Here’s another example of “I’m weird like that”.

For some reason, I’ve kept hold of some sort of evidence that today is the anniversary of a momentous occasion in my professional life. 1,165 more words


Odd Ducks Wearing Feathers On Our Heads

He’s going to write about band again.

Well?? If you read this blog at all, you kinda know that’s a large part of where I live. 1,633 more words


It's Not Me ... It's Not Me ... It's Them

So, as my Facebook news feed has been making unequivocally and poignantly obvious for the last twenty-four hours or so … the membership of the UMass marching band community is marking the fourth anniversary of the passing of George Parks. 1,010 more words


A Uniter, Not a Divider

Last week I did the online-writing equivalent of setting off a mousetrap in a warehouse full of ’em. Made a Facebook status full of a comment that was faintly political, but (I thought) more about manners than policy. 445 more words


The Voice

There are lots of famous speaking voices in the world. They’re usually famous because they’re distinctive, either because of their tone and timbre or their unique cadence … distinctive enough that you wouldn’t mistake them for anyone else. 452 more words