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Tara Expedition Ship in West India Dock - 7th September 2015

After a number of tall ships in West India Dock, today saw the arrival of a unique scientific boat, the Tara. The highly specialised exploration yacht was designed specifically for Jean-Louis Étienne to operate in polar regions where her strengthened aluminium hull and rounded sections allowed her to deal with subzero temperatures and pack ice. 421 more words

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Can the Prime Minister deliver his climate pledges?

This post first appeared on BusinessGreen.

Many didn’t believe the Prime Minister would ever agree to make a pledge on climate change. Not in the middle of a general election. 832 more words


Climate Change thinks Tony Abbott is crap!

Climate Change thinks Tony Abbott is crap!

With the chorus of derision rising, about this (and I use the term very loosely) government, and its $4 million handout to the Climate “Contrarian” Borg for his UWA  “NO  think” tank, and the lies about the funding process coming to light, is it any wonder that we’ve been labelled by the UN climate council as, effectively “Public Enemy No 1”, on Climate Change   :shock: 562 more words

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The year ahead - twenty fift-green?

The start of January always seems to herald a surfeit of navel-gazing blog posts. Therefore, I thought I would attempt to broaden my horizons and consider whether, with only five years to go to meet the… 680 more words

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Lima Climate conference agreement contains no commitments by anybody

The UN Conference of the Parties, Twentieth session, held in Lima Peru from 1st to 13th December 2014 is now over. The conference agreement is well worth reading as an  example of how an exercise with 9,000 delegates from 196 participating countries, could spend some $ 50 million over 2 weeks to accomplish – by their own expectations – absolutely nothing. 990 more words


UN climate conference in Lima collapses and defers all contentious issues to next meeting

The UN climate conferences are an exercise in futility for something quite unnecessary. But they provide an annual jamboree for the “global warming community” of do-gooders, pseudo-scientists, advocacy groups, bureaucrats and politicians. 813 more words


U.S.-China climate change pact: Empty promises, lame-duck liberalism or the road to real change?

Environmentalist and Guardian columnist George Monbiot described the 2012 Rio+20 Summit as ‘perhaps, the greatest failure of collective leadership since the first world war’. He argued that Governments have again passed up the opportunity to prioritise ecological health and climate change over economic growth. 531 more words

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