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OCA "puts a cork in it" at climate rally

Put a Cork in it! from RainDagger Productions on Vimeo.

50 supporters of climate action gathered at the Port Angeles waterfront on Saturday, November 21 to call upon world leaders to “Put a Cork in It” and leave 4/5 of the world’s known reserves of fossil fuel in the ground, in order to allow the planet to remain within the 2 degrees Celsius warming limit set by world leaders as the maximum allowable to avoid catastrophic climate chaos.   72 more words


Spotlight on Paris, Host of the 2015 UN Climate Summit

Today I would like to feature the City of Paris, host of the upcoming international climate summit, and share a Paris video.  The international climate change talks at the end of this year are extremely important. 549 more words

Climate Change

Can Earth Survive Humanity’s All Devouring Hunger?

Humanity has already used up 100 per cent of the resources produced by the Earth this year, meaning that any consumption from now on represents an unsustainable burden on the planet. 255 more words


The Climate Bill, COP 21 & The GE; 3 birds, 1 stone

It’s that time of year again… The build up to COP has begun! What’s COP you ask? COP is the annual UN Climate Conference, held in a different country every year. 546 more words



In September last year John D Liu, the American Chinese filmmaker and the powerful spokesman for the restoration of the devastated Earth, spoke about an Indigenous Venue at the Lima Climate Summit last December. 179 more words



“The air is foul, the waters poisoned, the trees dying, the animals are disappearing. We think even the systems of weather are changing. Our ancient teachings warned us that if man interfered with the natural laws, these things would come to be. 153 more words


A new TED Talk just released (above) brings us the story of Brazil’s fight against deforestation, and shows us how the lessons learned can be applied to global climate change mitigation. 564 more words

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