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About That Decline in EU Contributions to UN Peacekeeping

A couple of days ago, Ambassador Samantha Power, the US Permanent Representative to the United Nations, gave a speech on peacekeeping in Brussels that, among other things, lamented a decline in the participation of European personnel in UN peacekeeping missions: 546 more words

#Censorship Fail: Repressive Governments Are Scared of Social Media - UN Dispatch

Social media is incredibly scary to repressive governments because it is just about impossible to control. Many authoritarian governments even look to incredibly censored North Korea and Eritrea as role models, instead of cautionary tales. 165 more words

A News Service for Aid Workers: Mark Goldberg, Tom Murphy & the DAWNS Digest

This post originally appeared on the Building Markets blog on December 14, 2011.

PDT: I’m here with Mark Goldberg and Tom Murphy, editor and deputy editor of  2,403 more words

Economic Development

Afghan Children Frozen to Death in Their Refugee Camps

The things we take for granted…I was complaining about the cold only to later read that over two dozen Afghan children all under the age of 5 froze to death in their refugee camps in Afghanistan (the country is experiencing historical lows right now). 307 more words

Human Rights Go From Bad to Worse in Cambodia: UN Dispatch

Borei Keila evictee Art Samnang spoke to me yesterday after her second arrest.

Land Grabs in Cambodia

 Human rights in Cambodia have gone from bad to worse in January, prompting Human Rights Watch to issue a damning report on the Southeast Asian nation’s rights slide. 105 more words

UN Dispatch Latest: Why Victims of Borei Keila Land Grabs are Protesting at US Embassy

Violent clashes and protests over a land-grabbing disputed have taken place in the heart of the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh this week, after a development company began to bulldoze the slum homes of 300 poor families. 98 more words

Elections and Civilian Protection: Voting in the DRC and its aftermath

I have another post up at UN Dispatch. This time, on the elections in the DR Congo. Feel free to read here.

In my initial draft, I had a bit more of a focus on the sanctions that the UNSC currently has in place on the DR Congo, which are due to expire at the end of the month. 375 more words