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UN-GO(my thoughts)

So a while back i wrote about the review of the first two episode, but now as i have watched all the 11 episodes i am writing a bit more detailed review. 114 more words



Deception. Murder. Lies. Un-Go follows intelligent Detective Shinjuro Yuki and his strange assistant, the very bubbly Inga as they solve mysteries throughout the dystopian city of Tokyo. 174 more words

Something Something Anime Podcast Episode 3: Meowth900 Does Light Novels and Our Origin Story

Aubrey T finally catches up on My Hero Academia. Well the anime not the manga unfortunately. His queue is very lit. Also Lupin III is coming to Toonami yay!!!! 540 more words


"Un-Go" Is The Last Great Detective Anime

My admiration for Un-Go starts at the fact it’s of the few, the proud, the detective genre of anime. Not many series stand up to the call, though Un-Go does, and it does it well. 1,502 more words

Anime Spotlight: Un-Go

Un-Go is an anime series produced by the Bones animation studio, and it is based on the works of writer Ango Sakaguchi. The 11 episodes of the series aired in Japan from October 13-December 22, 2011. 613 more words


Top 10 Best Cars In Anime

Most anime don’t bother with intricate background scenery, especially not cars, but those that do usually go all the way. Here are the 10 best cars you can find in anime. 1,259 more words