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UN cries out against planned executions by Gaza authority


The United Nations (UN) has cried out against plans by the authorities in Gaza to execute through the death penalty in public glare. 267 more words


Over nine million people in Lake Chad need food aid: UN

The United Nations (UN) says more than nine million people living in the Lake Chad region are in dire need of food aid, blaming the Boko Haram Takfiri terrorist group for triggering the unrest in the area. 24 more words


West arming Libya? What Libya?

The West is going to arm the UN-backed government of Libya, which is fighting ISIS and others there. Sounds good, but this AP story notes that it is “fraught with risk,” without telling you what those risks are, besides the “risk” of another wave of immigrants into Europe. 13 more words


Action Comics 306 Analysis – A Cold War story based on a bad joke from DC Editorial

Hey everyone, thanks for coming back to This Old Comic. Tom here with some analysis of the Action Comics 306 main story. Again, this issue was published in November, 1963 and featured a main story (you can find the recap in our post called “Of Indestructible Wigs and Fruit Based Puns”) as well as a […] 6 more words


The Not So Fine Line: Differences Between Humanitarian and Developmental Aid

Aid – in terms of sending money, supplies, food, and manpower to foreign countries – is often used broadly by the general public. Many would say that humanitarian and developmental aid have the same goals in mind; and to an extent, they are right. 16 more words


UN Expert on Migrants Says EU Lacks Vision

A United Nations human rights expert leveled criticism at the European Union for its handling of the migration crisis of people from the Middle East and Northern Africa.



Some home truths on Helen Clark at the UN from overseas media

John Key is right behind Helen Clark in her bid to become top parasite at the United Nations, but her run for the job has hit a bit of trouble. 227 more words