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How do we measure poverty?

Soon, in September, we will probably have an agreement on a global sustainable development agenda – the post-2015. The agenda, which will replace (or rather continue) the Millennium Development Goals, the MDGs. 143 more words


Depressed Year

Hello Folks!

Kenalin, nama gue Nurlita Lailana Haya, kelas sembilan di salah satu SMP Negeri Surabaya. Gue bikin blog ini supaya gue punya tempat untuk share keseharian gue yang biasanya abnormal kepada dunia. 993 more words


An Important woman

“Seven young women were huddled together on bare mattresses on the floor. Condoms strung over the garbage can, plastic bags of their street clothes and working clothes, just terrified. 1,037 more words

Global Concerns

Malaysia plays UN court jester in MH17 vote

From New Eastern Outlook

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations.”… George Orwell

Malaysia played the fool this week by pushing for a UN-sponsored international commission on the MH17 shoot down, which it knew would be vetoed by Russia. 751 more words

World At WAR

"A Republic If You Can Keep It"...

Those were the words from Dr. Benjamin Franklin as he exited the Constitutional Convention in in 1787 while replying to Philadelphian Mrs. Powell’s question: “ 1,437 more words

Typical Prog Behavior

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A good discussion and worth reading more than once.

Visiting the Palestinian village of Duma

Walking through the burned down remains of the house, talking to the relatives and knowing that this was intentional is truly a heavy experience. I have seen my fair share of blood and destruction from the immediate aftermath of Taliban rocket attacks in Afghanistan to the Hezbollah terrorist attack in Burgas that killed seven Israelis and one Bulgarian. 390 more words


PROPHECY: What Scripture Actually Says About Antichrist

I am just a layman.  I have no special training in understanding the Lord’s Word.  What I have learned has come by reading the Scriptures, then reading what those I consider to be Spirit-Lead teachers have to say about the Scriptures and then looking to see if those teachers match with Scripture — not the other way around.  2,989 more words

Logic & Reason

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A very interesting read and a very strong case if made that these words written here are correct. I recommend you read this.