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Letter from Iran: Mr. Trump, you have been served

South front

May 19, 2018

by Pepe Escobar (cross-posted with the Asia Times by special agreement with the author)

Top officials, including former CIA officers, Pentagon officials, US Army officers and former diplomats demand explanation of Israeli actions… 665 more words


Those who have not studied history are doomed to repeat it. Ask why the United Nations was founded...

A senior Palestinian official has accused the United States of being part of Israel’s illegal occupation.

Nikki Haley is not world’s ‘schoolmarm’

Hanan Ashrawi took special aim at the US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley… 29 more words

Human Rights

israel, US Try to Block International Force for Gaza Strip

Israel, US Try to Block International Force for Gaza Strip

US intends to veto measure at UN Security Council

A draft resolution backed by Kuwait and by the Palestinian Authority is headed to the UN Security Council this week, … 193 more words


Algeria 'abandoning migrants' in desert

A UN agency is warning of an emerging crisis along the Niger border after Algeria began dumping migrants in the Sahara Desert.

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) says it has dealt with almost 10,000 migrants abandoned in the desert since September. 134 more words

Daily News

[NEWS] Namibia: China Pledges N$15 Million Towards Anti-Poaching

週二,中華人民共和國全國人大常委會委員長Li Zhanshu週二會見了納米比亞國民議會議長Peter Katjavivi教授,並發表了這筆捐款。

“我們希望與你的議會機構合作,與議會監督和評估該國實現可持續發展目標(SDGs)的努力密切合作。這是我們確保我們的重要領域 有意義地有助於改善我們的經濟和我們人民的生活質量,“他指出。

The visiting Chairperson of the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China Li Zhanshu who met Namibian National Assembly Speaker Professor Peter Katjavivi on Tuesday gave this donation. 68 more words


[NEWS] Minister De Weever Congratulates those Working in the Field of Telecommunications on WTISD Day



May 17th has been identified as a day to help raise awareness of about the potential of AI to accelerate the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. 37 more words


[NEWS] The Decline of Our Oceans is Accelerating, But It’s not too Late to Stop It



就像我面前的數百萬人已經從海王星的世界獲得了生命和援助,我知道我們應該感謝這麼多。 然而,在我生命中的幾十年中,人類有害活動不斷積累的影響加劇了海洋健康的惡化。 由於大氣中的溫室氣體濃度不斷增加,海洋生物現在必鬚麵對越來越多的酸化,變暖和氧氣耗竭的情況。 無污染的塑料污染和破壞工業,農業和污水排放的污水一度污染了原始水域。

Author: Peter Thomson, United Nations Special Envoy for the Ocean, United Nations

The ocean has shaped my life, from my beginnings in the outer islands of Fiji to my appointment last year as the UN Secretary-General’s special envoy for the ocean. 103 more words