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Syria urges UN to end the US-led coalition`s aggression

On 25th of October, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Bashar Jafari called for this organization to stop the deliberate US-led coalition`s strikes  in his country. 154 more words


Syria denies accusations of chemical weapons usage

October 26, the Syrian Arab Republic officially denied all allegations about the use of chemical poisonous materials in the civil war.

In the previous week, basing on the report on the latest case of chemical weapons usage In Syria, the experts appointed by the UN rested responsibility for it on Damascus. 61 more words


UN-der Woman

Last month the high-flying poobas of the world donned their UNGA-wear and boarded private jets to attend the United Nations General Assembly. Oh! How they did clog the streets of Gotham in pursuit of… What exactly is it they pursued beyond a display of wealth and power? 576 more words


UN prepares Iraq medics for possible chemical attack in Mosul

BAGHDAD – The U.N.’s public health agency said Thursday it has trained 90 Iraqi medics in “mass casualty management,” with a special focus on chemical attacks, as part of its preparations for Iraq’s… 448 more words


Hi, nama saya Devina. Orangutan mati karena saya.

Beberapa hari ini, ada sebuah kampanye yang sedang viral di sosial media: Wild for Life dari PBB (Persatuan Bangsa-Bangsa, bukan partai) bekerjasama dengan Path Indonesia. Karena partnernya adalah Path, jelas sekali bahwa yang dituju adalah anak-anak muda pengguna jejaring sosial. 576 more words

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Faciliating the Equal Right to Vote

Get out to vote!

Historically, “persons with disabilities have been excluded from exercising their human rights, including the right to political participation.”

Yet to date, people with disabilities continued to get little attention regarding their voting rights. 29 more words