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Replacing native populations

FAIR this morning on Facebook had a post about a Canadian political party that wants to slash “unsustainable immigration levels“. There have been memes like the one above and other articles proclaiming that if you don’t go along with it, you’re a “racist!”. 225 more words


The United Nations Security Council.

There has been a debate recently on whether Donald Trump made the right call in pulling out of Syria. In his defence Trump said America is not the world police and it isn’t their duty to police the Middle East. 1,312 more words

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Not An UNprecedented Condition

Important meetings have been postponed… escalators have been stopped… high-ranking officials have been asked not to travel foreign countries for official purposes… the maintenance staff have received orders to turn off the air conditioners… translation works in different languages have also been suspended. 381 more words



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33 per cent of all children under 5 are undernourished or overweight: UN

One-third of children worldwide under age five — roughly 200 million kids — are either undernourished or overweight, the UN children’s agency said in a report Tuesday. 401 more words