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Can't Hit The Site

Evening, I m unable to hit your site from my home location. I can hit the site from my cell, if not using Wi-Fi at home, but the celluar network. 44 more words

Can't Access The Site From My Ip

Since roughly 24 hours ago I have been unable to access the site. I thought the site was completely down. Tried it from my husbands computer and got the same mesage I get “The connection has timed out The server at… 58 more words

Mowgli's Road ...

Today is like most other days, and I sigh just writing those words, because even acknowledging how bad the days are is fatiguing. My Mum and Dad go to work and I stay at home, I am the physically healthiest of the trio, but the one least able to work and I feel like a fraud. 512 more words

Finding The Confidence For New Job

I m sitting up now unable sleep and feeling terrified, and I think it s all because of work developments. Tomorrow I am going for coffee with a manager who is advertising a new job I want, with a view to applying for it. 66 more words

Getting error as “Unable to load plug-in type” on updating plug-in in Dynamics CRM

Recently, I have come across with an error message “Unable to load plug-in type” while updating the plug-in. below are the details on this issue: 168 more words

CRM 2011

Not Talking Or Unable To Talk For Days.

Hi everyone, I ve not been on in a long time. Everything has spiralled and I m just starting to come out. I have recently found talking is difficult. 89 more words

Unable To "physically Feel" Feelings?

Hi guys, Ok…I have no idea if other people do this with their therapists or not… But my guy has this thing where he s trying to get me to “physically feel” and be able to identify and describe physical sensation of “anger”… The problem is – I either don t feel anything…or, whatever I do feel, he says is “anxiety” and not anger. 46 more words