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Not Talking Or Unable To Talk For Days.

Hi everyone, I ve not been on in a long time. Everything has spiralled and I m just starting to come out. I have recently found talking is difficult. 89 more words

Disorganized And Unable To Concentrate

I really could use some tips on how to get myself more organized and improve my concentration. I am so disorganized that I can t seem to get anything done. 82 more words

A parents undying love (villanelle)

In the dark of evening
This is where I live, my tomb
Ghost light flickers, please keep believing!
I am sitting here, there is no leaving. 93 more words


Unable: adj. not having the knowledge and/or not having skill(s) and/or not having legal right(s) and/or not having a subset(s) to achieve a goal(s) whether or not one has a legal right to achieve samer goal(s) 136 more words

Common Sense

I'm having problems connecting to my meeting


You cannot connecting to the call or the call disconnects immediately.


Many factors in your computing environment or device can affect connection quality.  141 more words

Tech Articles

Can't Hit The Site

Evening, I m unable to hit your site from my home location. I can hit the site from my cell, if not using Wi-Fi at home, but the celluar network. 44 more words