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Europe’s First Islamic Constitution? What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


A debate is raging in Turkey right now over what type of constitution the country should have in the modern world. Up for debate?

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UNBELIEVABLE: Mayor Duterte was Supported with a Monumental Philippine Flag!

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Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has ranked number one in the most recent surveys for the presidential bid. Online supporters have been overwhelming since Duterte conveyed his platform. 8 more words

This Girl Goes Viral For The Unbelievable Thing That She Did While Being Recorded On Cam! Shocking!

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There had been video of a young woman that has been making the rounds online. This is not because of anything disturbing or alarming. 20 more words

3 unbelieveable valuable ways you can reach success

There is only one way to stroke this elephant: a stroke at a time. Maybe you know that already.  I didn’t until Bev Johnson told the world after she, the first woman to do so alone, reached the top of thirty-six hundred feet high El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, California. 275 more words

Rihanna And Drake Went Wild And Crazy On Stage! Unbelievable!

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Rihanna and Drake took their live performance to another level! The people just could not get enough of these two’s ‘Work’. 22 more words

What is it now health insurance?

Everything was going great since we resolved the mess with the Health insurance, or I thought we solved it; but noooo, they want to mess with me again. 286 more words


UNBELIEVABLE: A Half-Human, Half-Goat was Born in Southern Malaysia?

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Genetic disorder is still the most mysterious issue in science. The reason and the cure are yet to be unfolded. One of the most controversial results of genetic disorder is a goat who was just delivered in the village of Felda in…