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Some Unbelievable Trick for Pc [Funny Voice]

Hello Friends In This Video. I will So You How Some Unbelievable Tricks About Pc (Personal Computer) So Guys Watch it And prank and Challenge To Your Friends. 19 more words

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The legal imagination

I have the right to remain silent (2017). Oil on canvas by Albert Barqué-Duran.

Hypotheticals, fantastical beings, and a fictional omnibus: legal reasoning is made supple by its use of the imagination…

778 more words


Don’t Be That Guy… to the Women You’re Trying to Sleep With

Illustration by Dave van Patten

Tracy Moore

Dudes gotta dude, but must you dude like this… to the other half of the population?

Men who date, marry and love women sometimes have a funny way of showing it. 495 more words


Hamburgers Are Bigger Than Ever, but the Meat Has Always Been Questionable

by Quinn Myers

From ‘pink slime’ to bug burgers, a look at the quintessential American meal

For most of the world, the symbol most associated with America isn’t the bald eagle, George Washington or even the stars and stripes—it’s the hamburger and fries. 659 more words


What do slaveholders think?

Labourers in Vidharbha region in Maharashtra, India. Photo by Sanjit Das/Panos

 image edited by Web Investigator

It is everywhere illegal yet slavery persists in many corners of the global economy. 834 more words


Microwave Towers & Faster Downloads: The Hidden Health Impact of Wireless Communications

by Benjamin Nowland, New Dawn Waking Times

Imagine you arrive home after work to discover a new microwave antenna tower stationed at the edge of your backyard fence? 1,230 more words