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"Highly Secure"? Security Guards at US Nuclear Weapons Base Used LSD

The Mind Unleashed

By Jake Johnson / Creative Commons / Common Dreams

There are a lot of safe and responsible places people have found over the years to ingest hallucinogens in order to experience their pleasures and explore the challenges their potent properties can present, but it’s a judgement statement to declare that a U.S. 286 more words


Octopuses are officially the weirdest animals on Earth

image edited by Fernando Kaskais


By David Anderson and Abby Tang

Octopuses have blue blood, can change colors, and regrow their tentacles. But what really makes them stand out is even weirder: they can edit their own RNA. 469 more words


The English language is collapsing into “Idiocracy” gobbledygook on liberal college campuses as “gender pronoun” lunacy kicks into overdrive

 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) The first known college to do so, the City University of New York (CUNY) – Guttmana, located in New York City, recently distributed and has been actively propagating a “Gender Identity and Pronouns” manifesto that instructs students and faculty on how to further bastardize the English language by replacing its traditional gender pronouns with completely made-up ones that reflect a litany of modern-day “gender identities.” 574 more words


Bitcoin Is Going To Use As Much Electricity As Austria By The Year’s End

image edited by Fernando Kaskais
WRITTEN BY Dan Robitzski

At this point, mining Bitcoin requires such intensive, specific hardware that the only way for most people to get in on the crypto game is to simply purchase the coin via an exchange. 370 more words


When a sandwich goes wrong..

So my girlfriend and I eat breakfast at Bruegger’s frequently. We typically order the same thing and have no issues. Recently, the local location was remodeled, the entire staff was removed and replaced with new people. 188 more words


Warum fahren leere Busse durch den Berufsverkehr?

In der wunderschönen Stadt Erding genießt man lange den Blick auf die schönen Strassen mit ihren individuellen Ladengeschäften, Restaurants und den hervorragenden Eisdielen. Mindestens 20 Minuten, denn schneller kommt man derzeit gar nicht durch die Innenstadt. 145 more words

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