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Holiday Babies

Happy Unbirthday

Anyone born around the holidays knows what it is like to not really have a birthday. The resurrection of a Savior, independence of a nation and birth of Jesus, are tough acts to follow. 720 more words

Happy Unbirthday

I turned 30 in August. All within a 4-week period around my birthday I started a really amazing new job, I broke up with a boyfriend I thought I’d marry, and I moved for the 3rd time in 3 months…so much new, in such a short period of time. 515 more words

40 years YOUNG

If you are 40, or passed it, I’m sure you’ve been asked the “mandatory” question…  “so, how does it feel?”

I just got to the “4th level” of life, and was just asked that. 281 more words


happy un-birthday, birthday

Yo penguin,

I remember this one time you asked me which animal I would be if I could be any animal. I said otter because they are so cute and happy all of the time. 355 more words

A Very Happy UnBirthday to You, and Me!!!

I’m turning 30 this month!

I’m super excited!

20 days until my birthday – 21 days if you’re way behind us here in NZ.

I have so many birthday events planned! 266 more words

Tea and Me: Wonderland Tea

I am taking a very brief break from the Numi teas because I’ve already drunk all of the Numi teas containing caffeine and I need to caffeine to help kick start my work day. 201 more words


Flexibility is NICE

I don’t mean the bendy kinds. I wouldn’t know what those were if they walked up and punched me in the face.

No, I mean the sort which allow you to do what you need to when you need to do it. 401 more words