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Ain’t nobody celebratin’
No phone calls or happy wishes
No songs a’ dedicatin’
Or favorite dinner dishes

Ain’t no floaty balloons
No fancy cake with flowers… 70 more words


Don't Want a Party

Year after year after year, it was the same circus. Heather hated April 13th; not because it was the 13th and she was superstitious. Not because April had to be the boringest month of the year, no longer winter but not yet spring. 901 more words

Writing Prompt



I didn’t exactly spend my birthday all Pilgrim style.

Not a single spoon…..and I’m OK with that. Instead there was

Pretty Spinach… 474 more words


"Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality"

I don’t ever post my artwork here (except for some super old ones that I put up when I first switched over to WordPress), but today seems like one of those days when I should. 282 more words


Holiday Babies

Happy Unbirthday

Anyone born around the holidays knows what it is like to not really have a birthday. The resurrection of a Savior, independence of a nation and birth of Jesus, are tough acts to follow. 720 more words

40 years YOUNG

If you are 40, or passed it, I’m sure you’ve been asked the “mandatory” question…  “so, how does it feel?”

I just got to the “4th level” of life, and was just asked that. 281 more words


happy un-birthday, birthday

Yo penguin,

I remember this one time you asked me which animal I would be if I could be any animal. I said otter because they are so cute and happy all of the time. 355 more words