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Can you stop chastising my unborn child?!

This blows my mind.

I have been very closed with pretty much everything related to my pregnancy; symptoms, experiences, feelings, plans… all of it. And I think it was an un/conscious form of self protection. 1,091 more words

Venting / Expressing

Nutshell, by Ian McEwan

I have read many novels by McEwan, often because I am fascinated by his premise, as I am again here. But I am often disappointed by his work, as well, because at the end I do not accept his frame of reference, his view of the world or of his characters. 1,069 more words

Literary Reviews


No tengo otra manera de comenzar esto, Olivia, que no sea con tu nombre. Sí, el mismo que me costó tanto decidir y que, de no ser por las hormonas, me habría mantenido despierta más de una noche, pensando en lo terrible que sería marcarte por el resto de tu vida con un nombre que te pese como una piedra. 308 more words

21 Weeks

Visits from Heaven

And today, I’m reminded of you again, Baby. I happened to scroll just a little too far on my phone looking through photos and then your ultrasound came up… and then the positive pregnancy test. 271 more words

My Miscarriage Story: Someone I Love Will Never Be Born, Our Miracle Baby

Bear with me as this blog may be one of the longest and most depressing blogs I will have written so far.

Where do I even start. 2,070 more words

The last straw (or so I thought)

I was 8 months pregnant with our third child. The two older children wanted to spend the night over to their grandmother’s house. It was such a relief because this meant Roger and I would finally get some alone time. 619 more words