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Planned Parenthood executive admits abortion victim is a baby in fourth video

WARNING: The following video contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

The fourth Planned Parenthood sting video is out, and it’s the most serious one yet. 941 more words


Governor Scott Walker signs ban on pain-capable abortions

Good news from Life News.


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a leading contender for the Republican presidential nomination, signed a bill today barring abortions on unborn babies capable of feeling pain.

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A Letter To My "Almost" Baby

Hello my baby, it’s me, Mommy.

You don’t know me yet, and I’m not even sure if you exist yet inside of me. Mommy fell in love with Daddy and they made that love real. 238 more words

Pregnant Women Smoking

I would like to think that some pregnant women who smoke and/or drink alcohol are because like every other habit, it is hard to kick. For some women, it’s part of their social circle or the social class in which they come from. 361 more words

It's your choice (Part 3)

So I guess you choose to move on

To be with your other siblings Noelle, Faith and Bartholomew

Take care of each other

There will always be a place for all of you in our life… 21 more words

Daily Thoughts

Looking the Other Way!

Leviticus 20

Lessons for Living Today:

During the time of Leviticus a terrible practice was offering your child on the altar to a false God.  … 389 more words

A kind of love never felt before

There are surely a lot of kinds of love but I never felt something like this until I knew I was pregnant. The feeling of becoming a mother is so priceless that you cannot even define how it exactly feels. 397 more words