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The Glasses of An Unborn Child

And there where you stand, i stare

For god knows why you’re there

For she knows whose she bear

For he knows when he cares 108 more words

Unborn child

​Roadside sculpture carved by a father who lost his wife and unborn child to a drunk driver.


There’s nothing more melodically pleasing to the ears than to hear the beautiful “glub” of a heartbeat. There’s nothing more amazing than to see the wondrous creation and formation of life. 447 more words



One superstition I heard a long time ago was that a pregnant woman shouldn’t be out and about when an eclipse of moon is happening. The reason given was that the unborn child’s face will have a birth mark. 99 more words

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On redefining a foetus as an unborn child

It’s no secret that one of the defining characteristics of the anti-abortion/pro-life movement is it’s semantic redefinition of a foetus into an “unborn” child. This move makes it more difficult to argue for legalising abortion, as abortion thus rhetorically becomes the murder of a child that is simply not yet born, instead of the termination of a pregnancy or the removal of a foetus. 2,228 more words


Woman sells unborn child for N100,000 in Lagos

It was gathered that Amaka, who the police accused of running a baby factory, had already collected N50,000 from a client for the unborn child. 526 more words