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Slowly, I wake up. At first, I’m only aware of the gentle murmurs of the breeze. The humid air weighs heavily upon me. I feel coarse sand against my cheek. 243 more words


An Open Letter From An Unborn Child

I am scared right now, my mom is going to visit the doctor and I am scared. Yesterday, I heard her crying over the phone, begging my Y chromosome donor to accept me and last night she has taken a decision, a decision that is surely going to change everything for me.   266 more words

Caring for Your Baby BEFORE It is Born

Did you know that some cultures in East Asia consider their newborns as being one year old the instant they are born? I think that is a marvelous concept and actually a more accurate measure of how old a person is. 479 more words

Republican governor of Ohio signs bill banning abortions when babies feel pain

Wow, I’m so shocked and surprised by this – John Kasich is barely a Republican.

Life News reports:

Today, Governor John Kasich signed the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (Sub.

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A Letter to My Unborn Second Child

Dear Peanut, aka little alien growing inside of me,

This week marks the halfway point of my pregnancy, and it feels like time is flying by faster than I am able to keep up. 471 more words

Thoughts On Life

Does Abortion Show Respect for Life?

“Pro-life groups are optimistic about the effectiveness of ultrasound technology in persuading pregnant women to choose giving birth over having an abortion. Ultrasound technology has played an important role in helping pregnant women realize that the fetuses they carry are “alive and vulnerable.’” 2,873 more words