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On redefining a foetus as an unborn child

It’s no secret that one of the defining characteristics of the anti-abortion/pro-life movement is it’s semantic redefinition of a foetus into an “unborn” child. This move makes it more difficult to argue for legalising abortion, as abortion thus rhetorically becomes the murder of a child that is simply not yet born, instead of the termination of a pregnancy or the removal of a foetus. 2,228 more words


Woman sells unborn child for N100,000 in Lagos

It was gathered that Amaka, who the police accused of running a baby factory, had already collected N50,000 from a client for the unborn child. 526 more words


The Wonder of Pregnancy

Our daughter is currently less than two weeks away from delivering her first child. It’s certainly been a long nine months for her. Not just because of the anticipation of having her first child, but also because her pregnancy has not been easy. 613 more words


A Woefully Inadequate Letter to My Unborn Child

First and foremost, you need to know, YOU, in all your majesty and wonder were born of a rarified love.

Your Mother is a unique gem in the universe and you should thank your lucky stars every day that she gave birth to you. 3,090 more words

Know Thyself

My two youngest boys have been fighting a stomach bug for the past couple of days. It’s been quite exhausting; changing diapers and wiping noses constantly. 187 more words

The Scandal

How it all began…

“So, how did you meet?”

Dreaded question with a potentially awkward answer. Now I could simplify and say we met at dance. 877 more words