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The Ruin of Edward Jensen

Edward Jensen gave up. He saw no point, really. He had done everything he could, gone completely out of his way. He’d bent over backwards, bent over forwards, sideways and many other directions. 391 more words


Unbound: An Interesting Case for Aspiring Authors

The Independent Publishing Magazine’s Review of Unbound raises a very important question of authorship within Unbound’s platform. The magazine calls it an “internal self-serving eco-system”, because “authors attracting readers to Unbound, rather than Unbound attracting readers as a publisher.” Authors, which initially appeared to be Unbound’s strength, are surfacing as their greatest weakness. 379 more words


Unbound to the Rescue: Crowdfunding Solutions to Publishing Grievances

Forbes’ article claims that Unbound might just save publishing.

Save might be an exaggeration, but I don’t deny that Unbound’s crowdfunding model interjects many solutions to problems that have plagued and diminished traditional publishing houses of late. 419 more words


Help! The Second Crime Book Needs a Boost…

It would be tempting to blame Alan Cadbury for not promoting his own adventures, but I knew he wouldn’t lift a finger to help when I began writing the series some three or four years ago. 782 more words


Readership: Talking Books and Online Communities with Founder Sam Rennie

When writerly types discuss the impact of the digital revolution, it’s often with a wry, half-hearted smile.

Becoming an author can seem like a pipe-dream – or at least, being an author that can earn a living through advances and sales seems like a distant dream. 1,447 more words



Nobody knew how hopeless her life had been.

Love was way too naive for her, and
Hate was quite a strong word.

Nobody knew what emotion she held in. 272 more words