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CTS Brief/ blog task for this week: Write a short story (as short or long as you feel appropriate) in which you make use of Jentsch’s 1906 description of a tool for creating the uncanny in storytelling: 3,102 more words



Let us return, one year on, to the beach. This is a ‘place of strong magic (Preston-Whyte, p.349); a trickster margin between land and sea, eternally shifting shape as the tides contest, claim and reclaim. 1,226 more words


Annihilation (Novel)

On an unnamed, abandoned stretch of US coastland, an environmental incident has taken place. We have no real understanding of what has happened or what has caused it, just that the area is now known as Area X and is under the administration of a group called the Southern Reach. 530 more words

Seminar Review: Teen Witches and the Uncanny Adolescence in Ray Bradbury's The April Witch.

Back in semester 1, on November 29th 2017, I attended a seminar lead by Dr Miranda Corcoran called Teen Witches and the Uncanny Adolescence in Ray Bradbury’s ‘The April Witch’. 686 more words

Nature Vs Nurture

Something In The Night

Nopoin Medical Memo, Twilight Force Mission Day 36, Feb 5 2776

I am, for the first time in our existence, in contact with intelligent creatures from another part of the universe. 249 more words

Science Fiction

The Power of Writing

I thought I would briefly share one of my all-time favorite writing quotes. As you may know, I have a slight obsession with the uncanny, and whenever the topic of the uncanny (especially in literature) arises, I’m reminded of this Toni Morrison quote. 327 more words

Book Lover

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I have written a lot about the uncanny on this site. If this is a topic that interests you, here is a short entry that I wrote about the uncanny with respect to language, reading, and writing. Please enjoy.

Janet BIGGS on Planet Mar(ch)s

Still from the ongoing project ‘Fragiliy Curve’