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Fear and the Uncanny in Children's Literature

This post’s delay brought to you by homework… and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Between the two, I entirely forgot about posting here yesterday.

My homework, by the way, involves rereading… 259 more words


Julya's short horror stories collection

All four of my short horror stories collection throughout the years.
I still have a lot of short stories waiting to get out of my system but… 12 more words


The Friday Muse - The Man With No Face

He lives among us. He eats with us. He sleeps with us. He breathes the same air as we all do.

Only he’s not us. 266 more words

David N. Alderman

Those Freaky Long Umbrellas

Yes! You read that right. Those freaky, long and black umbrellas is what this piece is about. However, limiting the description of the umbrellas to “freaky, long and black” would not do justice to their exact character and appearance. 929 more words

Creative Writing

That fairytale sentiment

I have experienced it while watching Valerie and Her week of Wonders at Hyde Park cinema, listening to Alcest, or simply waking up in the morning feeling rays of light caressing my face through Venetian blinds and fences. 233 more words


The vanishing body: vision of the uncanny

These photographs are part of the Uncanny series.

An urge to make things historically dark and more abstract has been felt, having something to do with Duane Michals, Francesca Woodman and the photo-novel of La Jetée, and more strongly with a long inner conflict about whether colour sometimes takes away from the intensity and the visceral experience of a photograph. 97 more words