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Esprit de la Route

Esprit de la Route

The spirit in each light pole
rests during the day.
Their dreams decay.

At evening,
spirit comes awake,
shines bright, and sometimes bleak, 98 more words




Many, many years ago, in a little known village in India, named Jhilpaar, there lived an old doll-maker, with his pretty, devoted daughter, … 3,168 more words


Uncanny X-Men Annual 1 2014

Writer Brian Michael Bendis

Artist / Cover Art Andrea Sorrentino

Color Artist Marcelo Maiolo

Lettering & Production VC’s Joe Caramgna

The story that finally tells what happened to Tempus back in Uncanny X-Men Volume Three Issue 17 and what Cyclops already knew what happened as we learn in Issue 23 – the Cuckoos told him. 573 more words


Uncanny life - I salute you.

Life can be such a bitch sometimes and screw you from all the direction all at once, and the very moment you lose all your hope it can shower you with accolades, love and affection. 114 more words


The Blue Box (excerpt) - a novel

He moved closer to the table. Now he was more than ever struck by the the glow coming from the ivory box. Thomas knew how ridiculous his next thought was, but he was unable to suppress the notion that the object in front of him pulsed with an indefinable energy, as if there were an electric current passing through it, or more incredibly, as if it were somehow alive. 374 more words


The Cremaster Cycle - Cremaster 3 - The Order

“The Order” occurs in the second half of Cremaster 3 and is replete with quasi-masonic symbolism pulled from the story of Hiram Abiff and the building of Solomans Temple along with recreations of Barney’s own imaginings of masonic Initiatory rites. 360 more words

Contemporary Art

Uncanny thoughts.

Today u slipped from my hand onto the ground, even though the distance was just my lap.

I panicked, i felt miserable, i felt so so bad, i did not stop saying sorry till you stopped crying. 110 more words