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Inchoate Coast, and the eerie countryside

There was an excellent essay by Robert Macfarlane in the Guardian last week about the ‘eeriness of the English landscape’, and the way the new forms of nature writing were beginning to morph into a more numinous field (excuse the pun) that was concerned with wider and wilder ideas about the uncanny, about the disruptions and contested energies in the English countryside. 557 more words


The Uncanny

The uncanny can be described as the strange or mysterious, usually in an unsettling way. It takes the natural and turns in unnatural using elements that highlight or focus upon certain features of an images that make will make it abnormal or odd to the audience. 268 more words

MEDA 101

Uncanny X-Men Volume Three Issue 29

Writer Brian Michael Bendis

Pencils Chris Bachalo

Inks Townsend, Irwin, Mendoza, Olazaba & Vey

Colors Antonio Fabela & Jose Villarrubia

Lettering & Production VC’s Joe Caramagna… 534 more words


Hive Oracle

Screen shot from my first video triptych. Pretty exciting to be honest. I will write more about it and show the full video after April Seminar.

Contemporary Art

Robot m/v

In principe hebben robots geen geslacht. Toch zijn – misschien door onze neiging alles te genderen – robots vaker hij of zij dan het, met gevolg voor de verhalen waar ze een rol in spelen. 543 more words


from "The Blue Box"

There it was, surrounded by a cushioning of pale-pink cotton wool. A tiny glass coffin, no longer than four inches. And inside it, swathed in a white wrap, lay a figure. 248 more words


Crazy Glue

Also, for anyone interested who happens to pass by this blog every now and again. Someone made a short based on Etgar Keret’s story “Crazy Glue”. 27 more words