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Meitu Transforms Video Game Heroes Into Beautiful Waifus

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Meitu, the free Chinese photo app filling your Facebook and Twitter feeds with big-eyed, rosy-cheeked alien creatures, isn’t just for actual human beings. 450 more words



Uncanny as it is ?

You may find that the more you believe in Him

The more you believe in you .


Sortir du cadre, par Loïc Fankhauser

“Heureux soient les fêlés, car ils laisseront passer la lumière.”

Michel Audiard

Comment sortir du cadre et de quel cadre… avant toute chose, il me faut savoir ou j’en suis, qui je suis, afin de pouvoir savoir de quel cadre sortir. 1,334 more words


Life x us = low-level strife

He had fallen in love so many times, and never done anything about it.  And when he had, they’d not wanted.  And when they’d wanted, they’d fucked it.   243 more words


Illusions of Help

There is something wrong with the creation of this world, because rich people think they are the benefactors of the poor, but in fact those rich people are fed and dressed by the work of these poor and live in luxury created for them by poor. ~ Leo Tolstoy


Essay: Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber & The Uncanny - An Applied Analysis

The stories in Angela Carter’s short-story collection The Bloody Chamber belong to ‘that class of the terrifying which leads back to something long known to us, once very familiar’ 2,341 more words

Move on ! Les voeux de Paul Ardenne

Après cinq ans de travail comme conseiller culturel à Analix Forever, je suis heureux de souhaiter aux artistes, à Barbara Polla et à la galerie une excellente suite avec leur nouveau conseiller culturel – et poétique – Frank Smith. 671 more words