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Two Spots Coffee Work - Photography

To add more content to the website I came up with the idea of adding guides on how to make coffee at home. This involved some research to determine how we would recommend brewing coffee at home as well as taking photographs. 102 more words


GameStop work

As a part of the Digital Web Design I interned with GameStop. It was such a valuable experience and I learned so much along the way. 88 more words


Figuring out Juglandaceae: Pecans

Continuing with Juglandaceas in the area, and onto another tasty eating nut. This time, it’s pecans, Carya illinoinensis. Its unnecessarily complicated reproduction was covered in an… 140 more words


Figuring out Juglandaceae: Black walnuts

Juglandaceae is the family of trees composed of the walnuts, hickories, and pecans. They are large trees with especially leafy leaves (bipinnate leaves if you wanna be all sciency sounding), and have nuts of varying tastiness. 215 more words


Is it right?

Ok, so I haven’t posted in 2 months, but stuff’s been going on.

In my head.

Ok, so we are not religious at all. My dad is not open minded; he doesn’t want to hear about maybe all the stuff in the bible happened. 159 more words


 Supplier Customer Diversity Sensitivity and Resilience

In my last blog, Supply Chain Crash Test, I asked if your supply chain could withstand a tsunami like event that might wipe out many component suppliers who serve supply chains of the OEM or EMS companies that would cause it. 921 more words


If That Was You

I remember being 14 and knowing I was gay, but the majority of people around me were calling “them” fa–ots with hate and disgust in their voices. 469 more words