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Zen Meditation: Beyond

A Few Zen Pondering’s From Star Trek Beyond

(Note: This is a sci fi geek alert.)

(Artwork by Monica Gaylor, detail from an abstract collage piece made circa 1990.) 278 more words


Coming up this August...

Ok, so summer has been kinda uneventful so far. But next month – I’m going to the beach again, and I’ll do a comparison like last year!! 56 more words


try here

Born in Chavaniac, in the province of Auvergne in south central France, Lafayette came from a wealthy landowning family. He followed its martial tradition, and was commissioned an officer at age 13. 280 more words



Sometimes things can be distorted

You have to learn to trust. Trust your heart – it flows from God.

S Heckman


The View From Afar

Ever feel like you are on the outside looking in? Thinking of taking that leap of faith today? What are you waiting for?

S Heckman


Technology and the Digital Footprint you Leave Behind

This week I took a look at technology and how it effects our digital footprint. Technological advances, the Internet and the proliferation of digital devices have created a digital society in which we all participate. 519 more words

Digital Citizenship

Be Forworned! Urine Mixed With Chlorine Is An Explosive Mixture! (did I spell that right?)

Hello! Hi!

It’s me!

I’m urinating in the pool right now.  They say it keeps you from getting athlete’s feet.  BUT, used with chlorine it can be explosive! 78 more words