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Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich Is a Must Read

Ah, today it’s Friday. The courts are closed. I wake up leisurely in my big house around 9:30am, answer some emails, and take some phone calls. 586 more words


25 Reasons why you should never drop glue on the floor

So today a boy in my class couldn’t bother to put his glue in the drawer, so my teacher made him write an essay (title of the essay is the same as the post title) of why you should never drop glue on the floor (it’s a glue stick). 247 more words



be afraid, but do it anyway

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As the storms came last night and the tornado sirens went off, I didn’t fear, for I knew God was with me. I’m not from a tornado town, and I don’t think you ever get used to them. 160 more words


Chasing shadows in the dark...

Have you ever looked at something you made and asked yourself… Where did that come from?!?

When you look at it, you’re left wondering, “ 534 more words