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Life is strange isn’t it?
The way we all come in so many different forms.. How some of us feel so deeply connected with all the energy in the world and how some only can see what’s on the surface of life. 333 more words

Goal Orianted

Rotary Engines 'Romance with a machine'.

A one on one talk with Ali, explaining his passion for the rotary engine as opposed to a conventional combustion piston engine. Ali also has an ambition to become a mechanical engineer, which he is currently pursuing studying Mechanical Engineering at the Australian Catholic University. 30 more words


Vox Pop Newtown: Funny Interviews

Dressed and prepped, my college and I waltzed carrying nothing but our tripods and mics asking randoms in the streets of Newtown four oddly thought of questions, producing some interesting reactions. 45 more words


I Felt

I felt like nothing would ever be as I dreamed

I felt everything would always stay the same way

Nothing could change

No one to blame… 70 more words


Everything You Need to Know About eCO Registration* (*but were afraid to ask) | May 14th, 2015

Here are a few photos from our copyright event last week with Leslie Burns. We want to thank our amazing sponsors for their continued support! 32 more words


Quote when you have no idea what to say?

Here it is, another Tuesday and I have no inspiration or what so ever. I published a random post two days ago, and I have a Sunday Review ready for this Sunday and a Mood Board for next Tuesday (if everything goes as planed), but for today I have nothing.

168 more words

Lamenting the Past. Embracing the Present.

I was driving down a pedestrian inhabited street, looking at all the various people as I pass them. My mind drifting to imagine their life; their current state of being. 467 more words