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التحويل بين الدرجة المئوية والدرجة الفهرنهايتية

للتحويل من الدرجة المئوية الى الدرجة الفهرنهايتية اضرب في 2 ثم اجمعها مع 30

للتحويل من الدرجة الفهرنهايتية الى الدرجة المئوية اطرح 30 ومن ثم اقسم النتيجة على 2

Living with a depressed partner

Everyone always talks about the person suffering with depression but what about the people around them ? What about the partners? The ones that support them thru this difficult time and in the process also suffer the affects of the depression from their partner. 114 more words

Romanticism of Bengal

There’s something about
Bengal. As the wanderlust keep saying…it
genuinely is the sweetest part of India. The
romanticism of Bengal and the nostalgia whips up memories galore and… 294 more words

Dog Training: The Trouble With Punishment

We all want to be good dog parents, and part of that is training our dogs to be well-behaved. Training is meant to be a positive bonding experience between humans and their pooches. 33 more words


Promotie video

hoi, ik ben op dit moment bezig met een promotie video maken voor Hudson Bar&Kitchen aan de Aert van Der Goesstraat. Dit doe ik voor een school opdracht samen met twee andere medestudenten. 25 more words