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It’s best to give while your hand is still warm.

Philip Roth, novelist (19 Mar 1933-2018) 


Theme for 2019- Connected Commonwealth

The Commonwealth offers opportunities for the people, governments and institutions of this richly diverse worldwide family of nations to connect and cooperate at many levels through far-reaching and deep-rooted networks of friendship and goodwill. 316 more words


Analyzing Animations

Slow in Slow Out – An animation principle that has a character or object move slowly at first but move really quickly and then slow back down before completing the action. 134 more words


Week Beginning - Monday 18th March

Monday 18th March



  • Today we learnt our next dance number with Rob to ‘Mein Herr’. The style is a fosse jazz style and the movements are over exaggerated and characterised.
  • 215 more words

MY THOUGHTS : #1 - Everything Happens For A Reason

Does everything REALLY happen for a reason?

Today I am feeling very emotional, Yesterday I got let go from my dream job. This is the job I thought I’d be doing for the rest of my life, that would help me expand my skills and experiences, I thought I was on the right path to success but now I know that is not the case. 500 more words

☆भ्याड सत्य☆

वाघाला जन्म देणारा बागबान
परिवाराला जन्म देणारा बाप
आणि स्वतः काबाड कष्ट करून
घाम गाळत परिवार नावाच्या
वटवृक्षाला पाणी घालणारी आई
यांना कधी एकटं पाडू नका.

THE LORD’S CUP (Cf. Mt 20, 17-28)

The sons of Zebedee
Had a mother brave
Who approached the Savior,
Who, her a hearing gave.

“Grant that these my two sons
Ministers you will make… 52 more words