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March for Our Lives - A rant

The tiny town of Payson, AZ where guns outnumber people, there still is movement about gun law reform. Here we have open carry, meaning I am free to walk into Wal-Mart carrying my pistol on my side id walk about the wilderness much the same. 347 more words



Not in loss

Just a fading away

Rock solid memories

Bound by times misty echoes

Tangible In name

Cloaked by yesterday

The dreams I can taste… 22 more words



The horizon calls out

My itchy feet desire adventure

Lacking machete and jungle

Not handful of bread crumbs

My inclination for new path waits

Old ways overgrown by baggage… 55 more words


Inside Out

I’m wearing the insides out

Abrasive thoughts shape me

Knots twist and turn

Guts tightly strewn about

Breathing held in check

I know how ice feels… 41 more words



I’m perfectly normal.
I feel emptiness
and have to get up
early tomorrow.
I’ll read, set the alarm
and forget to eat, pondering
too important matters. 13 more words