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Boundaries–Fenced In

The weekly Photo Challenge is Boundaries.

I knew immediately that the family gallery had a photo that was perfect for this challenge.

My nephew Bob had boundless energy.  129 more words


In the thickest silence

I sat amongst the trees that fell
soft and moving back into the earth
trod upon by faceless feet
the smell of damp and decay… 263 more words


What If Your Entire Story Changed?

Life coaching can be a life changing experience for those who are willing to step out of their comfort zones and into the light. It takes a little bit of guts, a vision for yourself, and some desire to move forward into a dream that you’ve had for yourself but for some reason have never been able to achieve. 708 more words


Glowing Woman

Capturing the architecture of a fair skinned person is not always successful especially when they also have light hair. Here is one such. But the lighting was good enough for this satisfying result. 14 more words


The Way To Love Someone

Not only did I realize I could feel another’s emotions, but I could also feel all the cracks deep down in their soul. I ran around for years of my life confused about these “feelings” I had when I was with certain people, but then a healer opened my eyes to the reality. 52 more words


Drunk on words

Drunk on words while writing them.

I had been sipping for hours.

After decanting,

airing out, space, a miniscule bubble, floated along a page.

Sheets rot in damp cellars, 16 more words


Change – A Personal Transformation

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Change.

I’ve experienced my share since the end of 2012.

Achieving change has taken a lot of work…

Achieving change has taken time… 450 more words