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Blades move in a blur
Speed of light unseen
Wheels turning
Movement carrying me on my way
Back and forth
Striped lines Mark
My passing. 175 more words


Wicked Games

I have absolutely no idea what in the world is going on with me right now. Not in the way of being uncertain about myself – that I am very connected with at the moment – but there are some strange events happening and it’s…baffling me. 1,090 more words


Light within

She sings her song
Dressed in jewels falling
Like mermaid tears
Glittering on sand.
She builds her castles
The higher ground shifting
Still washes out to sea… 89 more words


Drifting sea on dreams

Moving forward floating,
Thoughts of images spent
Aimlessly drifting like
A boat at sea
Silence of nothingness
Rocking to the rhythm
Of a heart alive. 98 more words


A Walk in the Dog Park

Or in our case, the canal.  The thought of Penny loose in a dog park makes me incredibly nervous; she’s crazy.  I adopted Penny about 4 years ago.   169 more words


Between the whisper

I felt you come to me
Like a whisper of energy
Through layers of cloud
The motion slipping
Between a thought
And a distant memory. 98 more words


Do you know how to ride a bike?

You have heard the saying a number of times haven’t you? “It’s just like riding a bike” meaning it’s easy and once you learn you can never unlearn it. 103 more words