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We slide along gently,
playfully dancing on the lightness of life
while bouyed by bubbles of thought,
slipping and sliding off of one and each other, 119 more words



After her death,
I cut out her heart and
keep it framed in my study.
A solemn oath on
her clothes, hair
perfectly dangerous eyes, 15 more words


In search of perfection

I’ve got my lime

I’ve got my mint

I left the last of the ice in it,

I found the rum

stole the hummingbird food too, 196 more words



Trinkets and tidbits pressed together

reminiscent of a bus with one too many passengers

jostling with each step, each bump rocking

back and forth heaped yet trying to remain… 276 more words


With the flow

We ripple our thoughts on purpose,

watching them move up and down

coming together for but a moment

then watch as they slip away once more. 136 more words



Named for saints,
I was bearing words lovingly.
I had seemed capable of killing
and I was born in
the glamour of crucifixion.


Dog days

We move
caught between movement of people
and then back again
to the quiet that lives here,
in this place,
where we know what is… 371 more words