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handmade heraldic tiles

These are some freshly pressed raw tiles, waiting to be trimmed, signed and washed with slip, before glazing and firing.

I’m doing new designs all the time or could do something for you, please have a look at my website, http://www.helenbarontiles.co.uk

Storm of morning

Flashes cover the darkness
As lightning fills the skies
Illuminating tall trees
As the rain moves in slowly
Falling down around me.
I stand transfixed as the throb… 107 more words


Days gone by

What comes to me
Blown in on the wind of yesterday
Slipping through cracks
Memories of
A day gone by.
A man comes round
Spectral illusion or flesh and blood… 80 more words


Aspettando una nuova coppia

fra pochi giorni conoscero’ Luca e Paolo (nomi di fantasia)!

Arriveranno a San Diego e li andro’ a prendere all’aeroporto. Sono felice di poterli incontrare finalmente di persona dopo tante chiamate su Skype. 94 more words

Gravidanza Di Sostegno

Path of illusion

You lead me down paths filled
Through slumber dreams of trees
We run wild at dusk
Weaving in and out
Desire left hidden
In blankets of blossoms. 77 more words


I need help. Can anyone please send me their thoughts?

It’s 1am. For the 4th night in a row, I can’t sleep, although I’m beyond exhausted. I haven’t slept in the last few months, so I’m sure the overwhelming sleep deprivation is making things worse. 856 more words



In the farthest corner of the room

My face buried in my hands,

Desperately trying to cry over my doom

But my eyes are dry like the barren wastelends. 126 more words

City Life