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Double edged

And she sat in the fading light
Suddenly questioning
Right from wrong,
What did you steal as a child….
What is it that haunts you… 214 more words


Silver circles

Between the darkness and the light
There lies a circle
Round like the universe
Moving round
Reminding us
Of the never-ending
The thought that moves endless… 200 more words


The Old Ram Rod

I am told,

As I push 70,

That I should show some subtlety,

Some finesse,

Be less obvious,

That it is somehow wrong,

Even unbecoming, 67 more words


It is a curse for poets
to fall in love
in candlelight
under full moons
at night.

Star dust

Into the wilderness
Forest realm of deepest blue
Darkness broken only by
Star dust falling from the sky.
In your eyes I see the lights… 64 more words


The Monsters we face. 

When we lose ourselves

In our own demise

When our own demons rise

To slay the monster

we kept by our side

We lose, we loath… 140 more words