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Memories of a moment

Small child sits upon a downed tree below a sign,

His sister sits beside him under a sleepy fall sun

And I drive by slowly watching beyond the glass. 217 more words



You see an image,

There in the darkest recesses,

Conjured up and born of something.

A spark of insight

Perhaps from a dream remembered

And you add just a bit of your magic… 208 more words



It’s always been you, and I’m sorry it took me a while to realize.
It’s always been you, you were there when I felt hopeless. 92 more words

On finding magic

Sleeping in unease

Tossing and turning like a wayward blowing leaf,

Searching the book of dreams for magic,

Flipping pages restlessly

Finding only emptiness in the dark. 182 more words



I dreamt in motion

strands of thought leading from place to place

and I followed in quiet joy

as each adventure played out before me… 135 more words


the shelter holds despair

smack a rose and watch it bleed
drips of honey
quiet seed

rivers flow and children play
in fountains tinged
with mocking greys

down to the docks where no man hums… 331 more words


A single drop

My world lies so deep

Caught within the moment

Of a trickle of movement

And slipping into

A single drop.

Life force flows endlessly

Flowing on a current of time and change… 164 more words