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You know.. I’m in my grandmother’s home.. And I fought with my cousins.

I mean, I’m really good at ‘hearing’ stuff. And when my cousins was talking about “stuffs” about me quietly, I heard it correctly. 47 more words


Balance the Work Life

Balance the Work Life.  Don’t become too preoccupied with what is happening around you.  For a minute, go outdoors, stand there in silence and appreciate your surroundings and nature.   124 more words


Call to peace

Come to me sweet Luna,

Carry my thoughts away into your peaceful light embrace,

Whisper to me of better days,

Days beneath the glow of a Spring sun that heals… 125 more words



Happy Mother’s Day!

As you may have heard from my post on Fantage Deets, I’ve hosting a giveaway on this blog.

That means that you cannot enter from anywhere else, all entries submitted on another blog to me will NOT be accepted. 84 more words

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Entering~ I'll give you a drawing, I'll like all the page so please wait ;)


This ancient scripture
of darkness
or light.
Do you know how
hard it is
to love?
I love darkness and
I will not
fall in love
with strangers.

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Leibnitz Headlamp

This headlamp is okay. It’s nice and bright, with two different brightness setting. There is only one LED bulb in it which does worry me a little bit but it is bright. 240 more words