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i said "to be a good christian" (finished version)

let’s examine the psych profiles of therapists
first there are ones like the one i met today
digging for dirt so they can go home… 921 more words


A thousand year death

Journey to my vision
Sleep dreams of particles
Gathering like dust at the edge
Gathering momentum to fall
A thousand-year death
Upon my soul.
How you hang like jewels encrusted… 84 more words


Empty thought

What brings round thought
A simple object etched in silver
Half full or empty
Perhaps even overflowing,
Spilling out of my mind
Antique pieces of yesterday. 149 more words


This Gif is an Awesome Reminder that All Things are Connected.

I wish I knew the creator of this amazing gif file. If you know the artist I want to give them credit for this amazing piece of digital art.


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The Smallwood Parsonage

Taking A Stand For Others

I’ve found, time after time, that the measure of a great woman or man is not in what they get, how much wealth is under their belt, the hoards of friends they have or the material goods they possess…but it’s in their power to uplift others in the darkest of times. 315 more words


You Open The Door And It's You

One night right before I was heading to bed, I heard a knock.

Hi? Who is there?

“It’s you?”


“It’s you… answer the door it’s cold out here.” 410 more words