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OCD and The Holiday Season

With the holiday season upon us, many of us are firmly entrenched in the excitement, anticipation, and busyness of this time of year. Maybe we will visit friends or relatives. 439 more words

Mental Health

How to Avoid Stagnation

Routines and habits are a comforting necessity, but like most things too much of either can make us lose our shine.

Constant ease and settled routines can produce mental sluggishness and dullness of the spirit. 127 more words



Recently, I have this feeling that.. I have not been trying my best. Or rather, if I had tried my best, I would have achieve a lot more than what I have today. 86 more words

The Friend

We have all sorts of friends. We classify them into categories. Best friends, casual friends, work friends, mutual friends, family friends. We have all sorts of labels for them. 492 more words


The "EPR Paradox" briefly touched

Historically, Albert Einstein was known to strongly criticize the philosophical connections drawn from quantum physics. Ironically, as being one of its founding fathers in discovering quantum theory, he opposed it due to its lack of an adaquite explanation of fundamental reality. 372 more words



Economists and students of modern history concluded a while back that the Twentieth Century’s postwar boom of the 1950s to the late 1970s was an anomaly – the factors which combined for such a long stretch of prosperity and growth, in the West at least, will probably not recur in the lifetime of any adults living today.   661 more words


Of Love No.1

the uncertainty that you bring

has me twisted, wondering.

the world spins in dark confusion

I do not know or wish to

know if your feelings will… 197 more words