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Learn To Take Random Steps And Keep Walking

In the opening scene of the fourth season of Girls, Hannah’s parents toast to her “next step” as an MFA student, to which her boyfriend Adam snarkily responds, “To Hannah, … 811 more words

Change... The Dynamic Constant

It’s inevitable.. Change.

It is probably the most consistent thing in life. And it is actually contributing to my existing theory that this life is probably the most oxymoronic thing in existence. 414 more words



Life is uncertain. Fundamentally. Whether the people I love will still be there tomorrow is uncertain. Whether i will still be able to do the things that give meaning to my life tomorrow is uncertain. 708 more words

even angels make mistakes

misfortune dogs her footsteps
though she’s committed no crime
her daily life is chaos
in what’s supposed to be her prime
wind roars in her ears… 107 more words



One thing I’ve learned in these past few days is that this thing called “Life” is absolutely uncertain.

One moment you’re happy, and the very next, you’re not. 534 more words



Life…What do we do with this thing called Life?  How do we handle our insecurities and our confidences?  What do we do in the face of adversity and uncertainty?  101 more words


Fool's Gold

From afar, its sparkled. It was everything I wanted. Whilst digging, the rays of it beauty became brighter and brighter. I just had to get my hands on it. 139 more words