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When Healing Doesn't Come 

“Now I know I’ve got a heart, because it is breaking. – Tin Man”

I’m not just quoting the Tin Man. That’s really how I feel right now.

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Uncertainty is good

Many of us have concluded that uncertainty is something to be feared. This has happened because we have had experiences that associate the feeling of uncertainty with experiences of harm or trauma. 234 more words

When the Bottom Drops Out

When the bottom drops out
you will fall
you might sprout wings
and fly yourself somewhere
then again, you might not
you might go splat… 71 more words


5 february

With one week down, I am feeling both hopeful and uncertain. I have so much work to do to bring us to where I want to be, but I am trying to consciously remind myself that perfection is not the goal. 331 more words


No knowing

I have spent a lot of time. Time is not like a stack of coins, accordingly, it’s not easy to count or value time. How I have spent my time in the big scheme of my life mostly only matters to me. 789 more words



I should be gentle
when I alight through life

I should see with precision
and then dance around it all

to cloud the experience
of doubt and uncertainty… 270 more words



When I’m feeling uncertain
About who I am
I try to remember
That I get to decide