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On The Certainty of Uncertainty

You Need Clarity not Certainty in Life

Don’t think in terms of how to turn everything into something else. Learn how to see everything for what it is. 77 more words


Life is like playing Bingo

A card is needed to play Bingo. We could say “I have chosen my card,” but we could say: “This card was given to me.” It doesn’t matter. 650 more words


Citizens-in-Waiting, Deportees-in-Waiting: Power, Temporality, and Suffering in the U.S. Asylum System

Author(s): Bridget M. HAAS



This article explores how the interrelationship of power and temporality shapes the lived experiences and subjectivities of political asylum claimants in the United States.

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A Year since Bonn

While I was working in Sri Lanka, I applied for a UN Youth Volunteer position in Sarajevo, and, in what I consider a miraculous stroke of luck (as a person lacking a knowledge of the language or a background in the field that the position was in), got the job. 809 more words


Beginning Again: Living with the Ups and Downs of Life with Chronic Illness

Originally published on ProHealth.com

I’m sitting here at home, in the middle of the afternoon, still in my pyjamas.  All I have accomplished today is breakfast and coffee.  994 more words

Going "home" where I have no "house"

I feel like home is a thoroughly discussed concept, and I would be belaboring already dissected ideas. It’s not even unique anymore to say “I have no home” in the sense that you haven’t settled anywhere. 683 more words


The US economy is sounding an alarm that everyone is ignoring

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

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Donald Trump and other proponents of scrapping the post-financial crisis regulations imposed on Wall Street argue red tape is preventing banks from lending and hurting the economy. 285 more words

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