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Common Strokes in Your Script

I added a new category for people to be able to find this series more easily.  Click on Categories and then select “Taking the Next Step – Calligraphy” to find posts for this series and previous posts that are designed to help calligraphers take that next step. 571 more words

Ian The Green

Je Suis Charlie

My work is about as non-controversial as it gets without being about babies dressed up as kittens (and I’m sure PETA would somehow find a way to object to that). 91 more words


Project for Mom

I did this a while ago as a gift for my mother. She asked for that quotation and I was happy to oblige.

I’ve made a couple of changes in my uncial since then, but I still like how this came out. 48 more words


2015 Calligraphic Resolutions

When you make resolutions, it’s good for them to be specific and achievable – something you can say either “Yes, I’ve done that” or “No, I haven’t done that.” So here are my resolutions with regards to calligraphy for this year. 266 more words


First Book

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Calligraphy by Mary Noble

I bought this book waaaayy before I got interested in calligraphy. I think I bought this 2 years ago when the MV Logos Hope came to Cebu bearing loads of books. 175 more words

Calligraphy Book

The Luton Fleadh Fiesta. 2014

Many thanks to Kerrie and Declan of Olympian Productions for inviting us to participate in the Fleadh, and to all at Luton Irish Forum for their help with tables, setting up etc. 116 more words