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4th Century: The Romans Are Out

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(Timeline Project)

By the 4th century—Roman Rustic and Roman Square Capital scripts were only used for manuscript titles. As yet unnamed uncial was primary text script. 42 more words

Bookbinding Timeline

Riddle Me This...

I’ve always enjoyed riddles, probably since I read The Dark Tower series by Stephen King. There’s a key section in the fourth book where a psychotic monorail forces the protagonists to answer riddles in order to save their own lives. 114 more words


Iesu Christi, A Zendoodled Cross

I’ve been creating pieces for the etsy shop and working on my coloring book (still have NO idea how I’m going to publish it). It’s going well, I’ve had the occasional inspiration, but I was feeling bleh about the whole thing. 284 more words


4th Century: Official Script of the Christian Church

Books, Miniatures, Writing and Supports
(Timeline Project)

4th century – Latin is the official language of the Christian church in Rome. Uncial is the official script (though it had no official name until the 18th c.). 68 more words

Bookbinding Timeline

On the Nature of Things

While reading Stephen Greenblatt’s The Swerve, I became interested in Lucretius, the Roman philosopher and poet who authored De Rerum Natura (On the Nature of Things). 50 more words


Spring has finally arrived

I did this for our Reddit Spring/Easter contest. As of this writing, the contest is still undecided, so I guess I can cross my fingers. There’s some good competition, though… 206 more words