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The Real Answer

I was going to write a post about women having preferences when it comes to circumcised or uncircumcised penises.

The idea for that came from talking to my American Boy about how he is self conscious about his penis because he is uncircumcised and American girls have made bad comments to him about it before as it is relatively uncommon in the US. 549 more words


Phantom Foreskin Syndrome

When I was born, they cut off part of my penis. Now as an adult, I have incomplete orgasms.

What about my orgasm is incomplete? Let’s say it lasts 7 seconds: 444 more words


Don't fear the foreskin

I have recently noticed a lot of articles, stories, and discussions from my peers about uncircumcised penises.

In most cases, people are talking down about uncircumcised penises. 253 more words

Sex And Relationships

Rock, Paper, Anaconda- Omarion (Pre-Turtleneck Removal)

Omarion kept saying that he was pretty big but I keep wondering “how big?”

I can’t quite wrap my mind (definitely not my lips) around the turtleneck thing but curiosity is my middle name. 12 more words

8. Buffalo

Ooh, Tinder. Talk about the ultimate game of eye candy, where you accept or reject someone just based on their appearance. They’re looking like a total troll? 485 more words

Filthy Me

I just got back from the hotel where I spent the night with Chief’s friend and I think I am going to be sick.

He called me last night when he had settled in and informed me his driver was on his way. 486 more words