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Desalination's Grim End: The Persian Gulf

Kuwait is a Connecticut sized piece of land with 4.3 million citizens at the far north end of the Persian Gulf. They pump not quite three million barrels of oil per day and hold roughly 10% of the world’s oil reserves. 551 more words


Antibiotics: A Golden Age Receding

Much of my thinking on the future of our species focuses on the Iron Triangle of Collapse – namely economy, energy, and environment. If any two are stable we have the means to do something about the third. 516 more words


Societal Simulacra's Rest Frame

Does the universe have a rest frame?

This little article got me thinking. Classically, we don’t have a non-inertial reference frame – the Big Bang happened, everything is moving, and we have no way to discern its point of origin, or more correctly there isn’t any location that isn’t accelerating relative to another. 500 more words

Dark Mountain

Eight Principles Of Uncivilization

I have been sharing my recent free floating, angsty writing with a friend, and he just turned me on to The Dark Mountain Project. I’m reproducing the eight key points from their… 283 more words