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On Readjusting to Life After Michfest

I came home and saw this article on the unfortunate rape epidemic at mixed sex music festivals.


Well Michfest clearly proves that this rape epidemic is for one reason and one reason only, male violence. 242 more words

Succession featured in Dark Mountain VI

My piece Succession is featured in the new volume of Dark Mountain, released October 2014.

From the publishers’ website:

[Dark Mountain] grew out of a feeling that contemporary literature and art were failing to respond honestly or adequately to the scale of our entwined ecological, economic and social crises.

54 more words


“We tried ruling the world; we tried acting as God’s steward, then we tried ushering in the human revolution, the age of reason and isolation. We failed in all of it, and our failure destroyed more than we were even aware of. 38 more words

Metatrolpolis: The Dawn of Uncivilization by Jay Luke, John Scalzi and others

Book Description:

Five original tales set in a shared urban future–from some of the hottest young writers in modern SF
More than an anthology, “Metatropolis “is the brainchild of five of science fiction’s hottest writers–Elizabeth Bear, Tobias Buckell, Jay Lake, Karl Schroeder, and project editor John Scalzi—who combined their talents to build a new urban future, and then wrote their own stories in this collectively-constructed world. 191 more words


Navigating in the dark

Charlotte du Cann in writing about the most recent and last of its kind Uncivilization festival, touches on ideas that echo inside me, touching something that longs for the same level of purposefulness. 554 more words


W I G G L E / w i g g l e / W I G G L E

“I once asked a group of high school children ‘What do you mean by a thing?’ First of all, they gave me all sorts of synonyms. 214 more words

The Mourning of the World

The Uncivilisation festival is organized by The Dark Mountain Project, “a network of writers, artists and thinkers who have stopped believing the stories our civilisation tells itself, see that the world is entering an age of ecological collapse, material contraction and social and political unraveling, and want our cultural responses to reflect this reality rather than denying it.” 431 more words