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Wait, whoa, stop screaming. They’re candles, ladies and gentlemen, see the wicks? What did you think it was, a medical experiment? Grisly crime scene photo? 228 more words


See Steve Ballmer's crazy dad dance moves, rocking out to Fergie

”On Wednesday, the former Microsoft CEO and current owner of the Los Angeles Clippers was spotted at the Clippers game rocking out to Fergie in true Ballmer fashion,” Arash Markazi reports for CNET. 202 more words


OI! Bald = Old Right?

So does going bald mean you look old?

Something that bothered me greatly when i first started to notice my baldness creeping in was the idea that i was going to look old. 521 more words


OI! Balding Sucks!!!!

OI! Baldy,

Before we start the handsome fellow below is me, i am mid twenties and bald. Look at that smile on my face, that’s genuine. 427 more words


OI! So your going bald? Get over it!

Oi Baldy welcome to my blog!

Going Bald can really suck nuts or at least we think it does, being Bald is better than you think… 172 more words


Microsoft takes $185 million loss in Barnes & Noble Nook partnership termination

With Microsoft having “invested” $300 million in Barnes & Noble’s Nook Media (Nook hardware, online bookstore, e-book, and college bookstore operations) in 2012 for a 17.6% stake, the hapless Microsoft is taking a ~$185 million loss. 229 more words