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Like a Piss in the Sea

We all have good days and bad days. What I try to remind my children (and myself) is that it is okay to feel it. 631 more words


The Three Horsemen of the X-Pacalypse

It’s unclear why WWE put this veritable hodgepodge of random wrestlers together and gave them one of the worst entrance themes of all time, but on the balance of things it’s better that they did. 405 more words


Drift Away.

I always love coming across interesting facts. When those facts are associated with music, it’s that much better. The song Drift Away, the most famous version being by… 310 more words


VIDEO | "Sunday Morning" @JellyRoll615 @UncleKracker

Tennessee’s Jelly Roll gives us a dope country/hip-hop party anthem in time for the weekend. This one is for all of those who have partied too hard, spent money the shouldn’t have, and woke up next to people they don’t remember. 44 more words


Her Mommy's Dubbers <3

~Happy Birthday to my beautiful Mother~Joyce<3

WE live such busy lives we are seldom able to visit together these days like we wish we could. … 1,347 more words


Just found a superb song called Smile by Uncle Kracker. Catchy and a real uplift if you’re feeling a little melancholy on any particular day. … 12 more words

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