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Justice Thomas Thinks the NBA is Proof That Racial Disparities Aren't So Bad

Justice Clarence Thomas is an African-American Supreme Court justice. He’s also a clown. Justice Thomas is notorious for his staunchly conservative written opinions and his bizarre reputation for –until very recently–  238 more words

Find perfection in your imperfection 

Vitiligo! Memory help me remember the first time I heard this word *thinking* well I can’t remember but if memory serves me right uncle ruckus of The boondocks claims to have vitiligo ” I ain’t no black negro I’m white I just gat vitiligo vi-ti-li-go that’s if you black know what that is” so said uncle ruckus, lol… Say HEY my fellow boondocks fan. 429 more words


Happy birthday to the creator of The Boondocks, Aaron McGruder

Intelligent, controversial and above all hilarious, The Boondocks managed to successfully address difficult and polarizing topics, in it’s own distinct voice and confident manner, never losing sight of either the issues or humor.


The Future of Satire

College evokes a lot of memories for me, but even in a world of easily traceable moments courtesy of Facebook and smartphones, my most potent memories are of conversations. 967 more words


More awesomeness from Johnathan Gentry on "Celebrity Peacekeepers" flocking to #Ferguson

Called by the racist term “Uncle Ruckus” by some maggots on the left, Johnathan Gentry is saying what everyone on the left who isn’t serving some statist “higher cause”  168 more words


The Top 5 Timeline:: The Power Of Make-Up, Uncle Ruckus Goes Off & More

Hey folks! Welcome back to another edition of The Top 5 Timeline taken over by me, Roderick! Ivy is still on vacation so I got you! 212 more words

Top 5 Timeline