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Let's All Laugh At Stacey Dash

Awwww, poor Lil Tink Tink! It’s a sad, sad day when someone COMPLETELY sells out for a paycheck and STILL loses their job. With that being said, I cannot stop chuckling at the fool we call Stacey Dash. 558 more words

Donald Trump

$25,000 Sex Slave

The best part of this salacious, pay for play, sex romp scandal, it’s the tip of the iceberg. No telling how many “donations,” Trump made to the Bondi’s in this world. 154 more words

Donald Trump's Betrayal

Elected Closeted Gay Republicans

Seriously, it would explain a lot, especially all those, “Religious Freedom” laws. Listen, I get it, so in order for elected closeted gay Republicans to conceal their true nature, from their Alt-Right constituents, those discriminating laws are the perfect diversion. 206 more words

Book 4

Trump Betrayed Pastor Mark Burns

But, and here’s the best part, Trump had no qualms publicly defending a Sexual Predator, aka Roger Ailes, but can’t seem to find the time to publicly defend his supporter and pathological liar Pastor Mark Burns. 339 more words

Book 4

Pastor Mark Burns, AKA Uncle Ruckus, Lied On His Resumé

Oh, but it gets better, because Pastor Mark Burns blamed the media for trying to destroy his character. Seriously, it’s so obvious to me, that Trump exposed this Uncle Ruckus’s dirty little secrets. 236 more words

Book 4

Sex Slaves, Black Dildos, Viagra, And Spying

All are synonymous with FOXNEWS. Now I know why Trump publicly defended the Big Kahuna. Holy smokes, the Big Kahuna had dirt on Trump and coerced Trump into publicly defending him. 345 more words

Book 4

Trump's Uncle Ruckus

Was it just me, or did you see how Trump’s Uncle Ruckuses were in full force, on all the cable new channels and various blogs, defending Trump. 194 more words

Donald Trump's Betrayal