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Omarosa Manigault Publicly Donned Her Aunt Jemima

A vaudeville performer betta known as Aunt Jemima or what the Good Ole Boys referred to as the Black Kellyanne Conway, received criticism and praise for her recent performance as Aunt Jemima. 162 more words

Book 6

Move Over Ringling Bros And Barnum & Bailey Circus

There’s a new circus in town called, The Ringling Putin’s Bitches And Treason Circus. I’ll admit, it ain’t lacking in entertainment and fear. But, it’s the entertainment that gets my attention. 224 more words

Book 5

I See Putin's Bitches

Trump would criticize Jesus Christ. President Bannon on the other hand, a fuck he don’t give to Trump. If Trump is looking for someone to blame for leaks, he should look at the man who’s hand is up his ass. 62 more words

Book 5

Trump's Supporters are Children Frustrated Over Their Incompetence.

Duh! Trump is an ineffective ruler. Trump is too weak to produce the desired outcome. So, too are Trump’s supporters. Compared to the effective President Obama, who was brilliant at achieving massive success. 325 more words

Donald Trump's Betrayal

Trump Publicly Humiliated Uncle Ruckus And Aunt Jemima Again

I ain’t mad at Uncle Ruckus and Aunt Jemima, it’s obvious to me, that they love public humiliated much more than I do. Don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing. 318 more words

21st Century Politics Vs. 18th Century Politics

You're Disgusting And Should Be Ashamed

When I’d mentioned that some Black men are Uncle Ruckus, well suffice it to say, I’d discovered just one aspect of a Uncle Ruckus.

A Tallahassee, Florida, pastor preaches against adultery on Sundays, but practices it during the week. 350 more words

Book 5

Illegitimate President Trump Humiliated White Working-Class Americans, Again

Everyday in every way, illegitimate President Trump creates new schemes to humiliate White Working-Class Americans. White Working-Class Americans are the new Blacks. But, and here’s the best part, White Working-Class Americans still give illegitimate President Trump the benefit of the doubt. 315 more words

21st Century Politics Vs. 18th Century Politics