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Death - Without concern

It was past midday of Saturday the 3rd of December, when my mother abruptly opened the door of my room and without hesitation or euphemisms, she told me that my great uncle Claudio had passed away that morning. 301 more words

Short Stories

Calamitous City (part 2):

He had found me, but my pimp quickly rescued me.
I was pulled out of the car in a jiffy, the other hand waving a gun at my uncle. 263 more words


The Story of Us

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “family?” Do you think of your mom, dad, brothers, sisters, grandparents, uncles and aunts? 1,215 more words



This Thanksgiving, I was with my uncle in a convention in LA. I asked him many questions, such as what he does on this fateful holiday, and why is it celebrated. 334 more words

Calamitous City


I was supposed to be your daughter; I tried to be good enough.
I was told to behave accordingly; not to bring shame to the family. 251 more words


The Cancer Tower

I got to go to the symphony with my uncle three weeks ago today. They were doing a live soundtrack performance right along with a showing of Indiana Jones, it was pretty amazing.   734 more words


On a Train

Riding the train from Boston to New York City with my uncle was always a pleasure. We were going to do some Christmas shopping, and I was heading back to my apartment in the city. 886 more words