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Welcome to Sipping Jetstreams

Welcome to my blog site, Sipping Jetstreams! I am Nadia, a young-at-heart 33 year old travel consultant in Cape Town who would like to take you on a roller coaster journey of my life, travels and everything else in between. 500 more words


New Roles!

So, as we know Bobby has completed filming on 4 new movies and 2 guest appearances in tv shows. His appearance in itv’s Unforgotten, where he plays Nathan, is due to air late 2016 (so anytime soon). 138 more words

Bobby Lockwood

October 19, 2016 | Fake Versions (Impostors) Of My Brothers KD And TD?

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I think that the dream started during the day but I am not sure because later it was pretty dark inside a house, probably because the curtains were closed, and I was either inside my parent’s house or outside in the yard when I noticed what seemed to be my brothers TD and KD walking up the street past The G House carrying what looked like maybe fishing supplies (buckets, fishing rods (poles), et cetera). 1,443 more words


Helping Others

Today, I shared with my husband that in the past 10 weeks, we accomplished a great deal. We managed to assist my long lost cousin, now hanai nephew, in getting back with what my husband and I, both would consider family; when no one in his life will trust him. 54 more words


Moments Through Time - Aunt and Uncle

Sometimes I go through my family picture files to organize them. In doing so, I continue to be sidetracked by the way pictures work with each other. 41 more words



Originally written on 11/11/12

Family is generally thought of as the people who are physically related to you, the people that bring you up and shape you into who you are or who you are yet to become- mums, dads, siblings, extended family. 659 more words