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profusion is an abundance or a large quantity of something

I will never understand the impulse to tame the still life table. Every corner of the universe is colored, littered with light, lousy with lines, sumptuous in shapes, an alacrity of alliteration. 28 more words


55th day

Today I threw away a postcard I had saved for 25 years. It was the card I used to send invitations for my wedding. We were trying to save money and got married cheaply – I had a short white dress instead of long. 406 more words

Throwing Away

A Flurry of Energy

After years of things piling up in his study, the hubby got bit by a flurry of energy.  For two days he went through every drawer and shelf carefully sorting the necessary from the unnecessary.   312 more words


41st day

Today I threw away a white water bottle. Yesterday I threw a white tumbler that belonged to the kids. One of those you get free in primary school together with a toothbrush. 9 more words

Throwing Away

Another week has passed

Time really does fly! April is here, and I’m not sure how that happened. I could have sworn it was January a few days ago… I’m definitely enjoying the longer days, and making sure to capture the beautiful moments of Spring. 298 more words

Weekly Review

Times change

Recently I found this draft I wrote three years ago:

I was snuggled with my littlest, before bedtime, when I noticed something odd.  Her bedroom is–by far–the smallest bedroom in the house. 

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Sally Sighting #2

At the end of February I went to check on my kids in college and finish cleaning out my Ohio home.  There were a few small problem areas, let’s just say.   336 more words