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237th day or my 25th Wedding Anniversary

I was married 25 years ago today.

The stress is getting to me. My cognitive functions – memory, alertness, mental acuity – are impaired. Last Friday, I booked an air ticket when I should’ve known better. 649 more words

Throwing Away

My home is fine, thank you (part 2)

I’ve been thinking lately of something that happened early this spring.  It was still almost cold outside–early spring–and my littlest, three years old at the time, was playing outside in a sundress that was completely inappropriate for the weather.   398 more words


How it works

Some of you may wonder- do I actually throw 1 thing a day? No, that would be too time consuming. I usually gather a bunch then I blog. 496 more words

Throwing Away

183rd day

Today I gave away a packet of bark -looking herbs that came from a Chinese New Year hamper. I have absolutely no idea what it is. 725 more words

Throwing Away

Why I don't follow the KonMari method

Today I’d like to dive straight into a big topic: I’m not a big fan of Marie Kondo.

Before you start screaming at me about joy and tidying and how the Japanese way of life is clearly superior to ours, let me explain. 1,186 more words

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157 things I've thrown

Today I recycled a dress I bought about 15 years ago. My in-laws (soon to be ex) are very traditional. We have to wear ‘auspicious’ colours like red, pink or orange for Chinese New Year, weddings or birthdays. 595 more words

Throwing Away

Leftover stuff

You don’t get to keep your stuff anyway.

About 10 years ago when my grandparents died, my mother inherited their house with everything inside it. There was room after room full of trinkets, mementos, souvenirs, paintings, clothes, figurines, and more old school bedding than we knew what to do with. 336 more words