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My #Gapp_Week 11th July @Gapp_Week

G is for Gratitude.

This week I’m grateful for friendship. I’ve been so busy with life, work and publishing my third novel in the past few months that I had forgotten about the joys of spending a whole evening with one of my best friends, Marta, who is also a neighbor and colleague (she’s also an English teacher, but works in another school). 735 more words


Computer Health

Technology has gone crazy, I said, when I first heard about computer viruses. I stared at my very first computer, a birthday present that promised to transform my life. 89 more words

Balanced Energy

From Stuck To Free With Clutter Clearing

I’m sitting here thinking of an example of how powerful clutter clearing can be to ‘get your life moving again.’ Jan started out as my feng shui client and, after many clutter-clearing sessions later, became a friend. 53 more words

Balanced Energy

Addicted To Uncluttering

My addiction always kicks in when I’ve returned home from travelling.  It’s usually after staying with other people, but they know this and don’t get offended, because they’re always asking me to unclutter them. 61 more words

Balanced Energy

Having Enough

Dear Reader,

I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of minimalism and how it applies to different aspects of life.  I’ve always liked the idea of “less is more”, and I can see where it appears in my life when I stop to reflect. 446 more words


Starting out...

Jan Marie Johnson
Intuitive Uncluttering

In 1995, I mentioned I was thinking of starting a business that included organizing, stress management and coaching. A gentleman who heard me stopped by my office a few minutes later and said, “When are you starting your business? 118 more words


Life, Uncluttered

It’s been a few months since I posted anything new here – and a couple of years since I regularly posted at all.  The Earth clearly has managed to keep spinning while I was busy Not Blogging, and I have been busy slowly working through making some changes in my life.   332 more words