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Never Perfection

I’m noticing more and more lately that I’m much harder on myself than I am on anyone else.  I’ve been wrapped up in how not- 556 more words


Mother to a T

Lest anyone think I was bagging on Martha yesterday, I was most assuredly NOT.    I had to call Martita to assure her that I was… 468 more words


The Opposite of "Enough"

I needed a new alarm clock.  I know “need” can be a relative term, but I had been using the same alarm clock since at least my freshman year of college over twenty years ago, and while it did a great job of telling time, it no longer “alarmed.”  So I started the search for a new one. 259 more words


A Retailer That Only Sells Things That are Built to Last

Button ditched her career in advertising to start Buy Me Once, an online retailer that searches far and wide to find manufacturers who actually build things that were made to last. 136 more words

Buy Me Once

New Year Excess

I was standing in the kitchen one Friday in January, trying to figure out how I could possibly spend all my time picking. up. stuff. and still never, ever really get anywhere.  518 more words


Uncluttering My Life: Part One

In the spirit of the upcoming new year, I’ve decided to purge all unnecessary things in my life and start being more simple, clean, and organized. 283 more words


The Happiest Kingdom of Them All, And Why: The Local Recycling Centre

think I have found the happiest place in Montreux! It’s not the casino, but the communal déchetterie! (recycling centre). I went there last week to dispose of the ‘junk’ that could not be reasonably sold at our Fete, and noticed again just how happy everyone there is. 1,023 more words