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Yesterday was not my best day in yoga.

I felt unbalanced, dizzy, was distracted, and not at all focused.

I ended up spending most of the 90 minutes in… 405 more words


My Favorite Uncluttering Books

Once upon a time, I had a basement full of stuff.  I had bookshelves that were bursting at the seams.  I wasn’t exactly a hoarder, but I didn’t like all the stuff in my house.  387 more words


Cutting through the Clutter

Today I am talking about, organising and decluttering your home.

We have lived in our house for 20 years, and over this time we have accumulated a ton of junk. 916 more words

Swag bag items

I’m participating in the Big Bang Bazaar in August and I’ve signed on to donate to the swag bags for the event, 100 swag bags. … 50 more words


Grapes in the sky

It’s that time of year to go through the garden. Time for weeding and landscaping and tilling and hoeing and planting.

Then we sit back and watch the magic of nature take over.


I’ve also heard that people give up just before there is real success, or a breakthrough.

So I am trying again.

I think there might just be a breakthrough this time. Wish me luck.


Another selection of former stuff.

This time, I chucked out the glass cup that came with my electric toothbrush because it had broken. It fits perfectly over the charger so that when the toothbrush needs charging I can just pop it into the glass, all vintagey and house-proudish. 112 more words