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100th day

Today I threw out Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. I bought this maybe a decade ago for my husband. I wanted him to realise how men and women think differently. 414 more words

Throwing Away

Clutter Can Harm Your Health

Clearing your clutter refreshes and revitalises the energy in your home or personal space, which can help to clear your mind, give you an energy buzz and improve your wellbeing tremendously. 244 more words

Clutter Clearing

78th day

Today, I threw away a jewelled hair clip which I used to use for formal functions. I normally didn’t have time (nor interest) to do much to my hair so it came really handy! 284 more words

Throwing Away

73rd day

Today I threw away 3 fridge magnets. They gave 10 to my daughter to sell when she was in the school but we only managed to sell 4. 196 more words

Throwing Away

66th day

Today I threw away an eyebrow remover thingy. I bought it maybe 5 years ago thinking it’ll be so easy to shape my brows but in the end I never used it because it looked so complicated. 286 more words

Throwing Away

profusion is an abundance or a large quantity of something

I will never understand the impulse to tame the still life table. Every corner of the universe is colored, littered with light, lousy with lines, sumptuous in shapes, an alacrity of alliteration. 28 more words


55th day

Today I threw away a postcard I had saved for 25 years. It was the card I used to send invitations for my wedding. We were trying to save money and got married cheaply – I had a short white dress instead of long. 406 more words

Throwing Away