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How much do I really want that?

Over the years I’ve bought a lot of things that sounded like good ideas at the time.  It would be nice to say that these were things I needed and wanted, but after they were home and unpacked, they didn’t all have the same appeal. 614 more words


Faux Finishing in Racine, WI

Faux Finishing in Racine, WI: Uncluttering Your HomeAppoint an accountable…

287th day

Today, a rainy Tuesday, December 12th, I threw away an old toy monkey – one of those wind-up ones – which doesn’t work anymore. I can’t even remember when I got it. 447 more words

Throwing Away

Culling shoes

I’ve put a reindeer as the main picture because it’ll be the only pretty thing in today’s blog. Also, Christmas is coming and I love Christmas. 248 more words

Throwing Away

Minimalism, meet reality

I moved the furniture in my youngest’s room this morning; moved the posters on her walls around.  Got everything rearranged, cleaned out just a bit, and it’s beautiful.   331 more words


237th day or my 25th Wedding Anniversary

I was married 25 years ago today.

The stress is getting to me. My cognitive functions – memory, alertness, mental acuity – are impaired. Last Friday, I booked an air ticket when I should’ve known better. 649 more words

Throwing Away

My home is fine, thank you (part 2)

I’ve been thinking lately of something that happened early this spring.  It was still almost cold outside–early spring–and my littlest, three years old at the time, was playing outside in a sundress that was completely inappropriate for the weather.   398 more words