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23 days to minimize for our move

What!? How did we get here so quick? It’s as if I blinked and a month has gone!

I’ve accomplished quite a bit with minimizing and packing, but I’m not where I had hoped to be and it doesn’t help that today is basically a wash thanks to paperwork and errands. 201 more words

The journey to less has begun!

Well it started some time ago, but with the impending move a fire has been put under me to really reduce our stuff.

Here are a couple posts I put on Facebook in the Uncluttered course support group. 245 more words

Unexpected release

Today I released something I thought I would fight to keep just a bit longer. Our crib. Our youngest of 5 is 17 months old and we’re both feeling he’s our last baby. 212 more words

Moving, that's easy right?

Days until my husband begins his role as Youth Pastor: 51

Headed to: Sundre, AB

Leaving from: Caronport, SK

What’s left to do? EVERYTHING!!!

129 more words

I say bye bye to: canvas print

In the last few months, every time when I look at this wrap-around canvas prints which was hanging in the living room, I was simple ‘NOT’ feeling it. 199 more words


uncluttering spaces - by a confused mind

I’m sure I lost count of hours during the quarantine period just like everyone else ; but I’ve tried , Eighteen hours awake in the twenty-four hours of a day. 555 more words

Meet the people who haven't bought clothes for a decade

I thought I was an extreme case. But there are others like me. People who do not buy clothes. When, a few months ago, I wrote a blog post about not having bought any clothes in 2019… 544 more words