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And then I kept fixing

Saturday I made a big mistake: feeling so much better from the flu, I decided to deadlift. After all, I had squatted heavier than in the past 6 months or so two days before. 612 more words


When Less is Truly More

I’ve been quiet lately.  Like, really really quiet.

I completed my holiday commission list one month ago today.  I was planning on no more than 2 restful weeks off and then back at it!   709 more words

Cleaning out the Hoarded Toy Room part 3

I just put a dent into this room where you can start to walk into the room.  My youngest son was able to go into the room and play with some of the toys!  40 more words


Kitchen Make Over Part 1

Thanksgiving is on it’s way and I am hosting this year!  You know what that means to a hoarder?!  It means people are coming over and you gotta hurry up and put all that crap somewhere!  37 more words

Please don't throw away the Hoarder's stuff behind their back. It will backfire.

In this confessional,  I am going to explain why it’s not a good idea to throw away a box of junk behind the hoarder’s back.  It will backfire on you if you think you are helping them.  190 more words

I have TWO completely clean rooms in my house now!!!

I am so excited because now I have a SECOND completely clean room in my house!  It feels amazing seeing how clean my bathrooms are!  My “Clutter Snowball” method seems to be working!  122 more words

Bathroom #2 Part 1 KonMari Method to Declutter

It’s time to move to the next smallest room in my house: the full bathroom.  Luckily, this room is not really hoarded.  It’s one of the few rooms I can clean and keep somewhat organized.  73 more words