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Mud (How To Stop the Nightmares)

Mud has a smell and the power to suspend scattered buttons on dispersal.

Mud has a smell and leaves fall from trees politely, each letting the one before have its time to drift and settle. 169 more words

The R Word


It’s very difficult for me to say that word.

I was raped.

Even more difficult for me to say that sentence.

I was raped, stalked and abused for three years. 99 more words

Left Speaker

Your Momma said you were out here waiting for me.

I did not know it meant… Hello Gabriel.

No, you shouldn’t have. And you shouldn’t have approached Daddy. 118 more words

Fair Trial

I had been looking for Shelly for hours it seemed. I was panting on the sweaty corner of Crimson and Lex when this envelope fluttered down and landed between my feet. 959 more words


Yesterday, I didn’t feel like staying at my desk for lunch. It was raining pretty steadily, but it was a nice rain, not soaking and not falling hard. 149 more words