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Child Sex...Trafficking?

Since our children were infants, we have always talked about human sexuality bluntly.  We refer to body parts using the anatomically correct name, we don’t hide or shame the early sexual curiosity, and babies do not come from storks.  412 more words


When Your Child Discovers Derogatory Words

My daughter discovered a new weapon in her arsenal of language.  Sister, you’re an idiot!  Daddy, don’t be an idiot! Mommy’s an idiot!

Several years back, a good friend of mine introduced me to the terms “teeth and claws words.”  These are the words that can hurt people.  347 more words


Do all Muslim Women Wear Hijabs?

My daughter’s favorite book for the past two months has been “For the right to learn: Malala Yousafzai’s story.” So it wasn’t all that surprising when, on our way to the grocery store this afternoon she asked, “Do all Muslim women have to wear a hijab?” 228 more words

Social Justice

Weekend Thoughts : Loving fashion has a responsibility

Morning all!

So I was in two minds whether to put this out there or not as I want this blog to be a non-judgmental space where you can come if you are between the “mainstream” and ethical fashion worlds, however, this thought keeps popping in to my head and I’m finding it harder to ignore. 218 more words

Sustainable Style

Why Do the Football Players Take a Knee?

Driving to school

On our way to school this morning my six-year-old asked me about taking a knee during the national anthem. Like all of our other conversation about SJ and E, it was amazing! 194 more words

Social Justice

Uncomfortable Questions

This post was inspired by two conversations I had on Sunday–one with a nurse who spoke of how family members of certain patients were wanting the hospital to do everything they could to save their patient when it was clear they needed to start letting go and another conversation with someone about death. 621 more words