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Can our Government Put Voices In Our Heads, and is That a Common Claim of Mass shooters?

I know some of you will think this is crazy, but were you conditioned to think that way? Would you believe me if I said it w.as possible to put a voice inside another person’s head and the technology is already here? 920 more words

Coffee & Chat criminalize online speech in the name of security

I have a few things I wish to discuss tonight one of those being free speech online, A few months back I told you to watch out that what is happening in Europe would soon happen here in the US and we have just seen those ugly steps playing out in Maryland. 27 more words


Judge Overturns California Law Legalizing Assisted Suicide — Daily Wire

There may actually be some hope in California, where a judge has declared the state’s legalization of assisted suicide unconstitutional.

via Judge Overturns California Law Legalizing Assisted Suicide — Daily Wire


Sean Hannity, a FOX Noise Propaganda Liar, is now Trump's National Policy Adviser, and Chief Strategist

Steve Bannon was Trump’s first choice to join his administration. Bannon’s time with Breitbart proved that he is a white supremacist, a xenophobe, a misogynist, and supports anti-Semitism. 269 more words

Action Alert: PA Lawmakers Just Introduced a 6-Week Abortion Ban

Have you been following the uproar over Iowa signing into law “one of the country’s most restrictive abortion laws?”

Pennsylvania lawmakers just introduced it here. … 617 more words


Bogus Arrest of Prolifer Going to Jury, Significant Monetary Damages Likely

LOVE IT when proaborts makes our lives easier. First, they try to silence us…NOPE. Second, they try to get us arrested exercising our FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS on the public right-of-way….NOPE. 326 more words


Fifth Amendment Brain Scan -- a short story

Could prosecutors armed with a search warrant compel an unwilling suspect to submit to brain scans aimed at exploring his or her innermost thoughts? — … 531 more words