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Chicago's Unconstitutional Pension Fund Changes

A Cook County Judge Chicago’s changes to two pension funds because they are unconstitutional.

From the Chicago Tribune:

Cook County judge on Friday overturned the city’s changes to two pension funds, declaring them “unconstitutional and void.”

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Judge Rules City's 2014 Pension Overhaul Unconstitutional

CHICAGO (CBS) —A Cook County judge has thrown out the Emanuel administration’s plan to overhaul two of the city’s four employee pension systems.

Union officials and retired workers applauded the ruling by Judge Rita Novak, whose 34-page ruling said the Illinois Supreme Court made it clear earlier this year that public employees have the constitutional right to receive benefits they were promised. 457 more words


COLLIN LEVY: The Wisconsin Targets Tell Their Story

Wall Street Journal — After victory in court, conservative activists talk on the record for the first time about their 21-month ordeal.

The John Doe investigation of Wisconsin conservatives collapsed last week with a powerful decision from the Wisconsin Supreme Court that called state prosecutors’ theory of campaign-finance law “unconstitutional” and “unsupported in either reason or law.” But the legal exoneration shouldn’t pass without noting the hardship the secret probe imposed on its targets and on political debate in Wisconsin. 34 more words


Cook County Judge: It is unconstitutional to outright deny court supervision on aggravated speeding cases

A Cook County judge held recently that it violates the Illinois Constitution to categorically denying supervision to someone convicted of driving 40 or more miles per hour over the speed limit violates the proportionate penalties clause of the Illinois Constitution. 108 more words

An Argument Against Supreme Court Supremacy

In response to my letter to the Ohio Governor’s office requesting a motion for a rehearing of the Obergefell v Hodges ruling, Director of Constituent Affairs David Ward was good enough to write me a detailed, thoughtful explanation, which ended with the below paragraph: 868 more words

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Florida Gov. Rick Scott's Unconstitutional Drug Tests Cost Taxpayers $1.5 Million

(EMAILWIRE.COM, July 13, 2015 ) Miami, FL — According to a report by the Tampa Bay Times, Florida’s Governor, Rick Scott, cost taxpayers $1.5 million in lawsuit costs ranging from settlement to victims who were subjected to the unconstitutional drug tests, to civil public defenders. 10 more words