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This Map Shows How Gay Marriage Spread Across the United States

In a historic ruling Friday, the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage nationwide by declaring unconstitutional all state bans on same-sex marriage.

Click the map button below to watch how same-sex legislation has changed in the United States since Vermont legalized civil unions in 2000, followed closely by Massachusetts first legalizing same-sex marriage eleven years ago in 2004.

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The United States of America Fell to Evil Today


We no longer live in a Constitutional Republic of States. We now, thanks to the anti-Constitution Liberal Supreme Court, are ruled by dictatorial fiat and emboldened by a Court who rules by personal opinion as opposed to the Rule of Law and the Constitution of the United States. 216 more words


End The Act of 1871

Needed to vent. We’re not in Kansas anymore…

The Union of independent States, under the Constitution, became a Corporate entity with enactment of The Act of 1871. 17 more words


Judge Raymond Cadei Deems Attorney Matthew McLaughlin's Proposed 'Sodomite Suppression Act' Unconstitutional

Orange County Register — A judge has relieved California’s attorney general of the duty to process a proposed ballot initiative that advocated killing anyone who engages in gay sex. 95 more words


Washington Arms Expo: We Won’t Comply With Unconstitutional Background Check Law

Source: Freedom Outpost, by Tim Brown

Arms Expo 2015 is scheduled for June 20-21, 2015 in Yamika, Washington.  The event is being touted as a “liberty market and gun show” and a “patriot campout for the whole family.”  In light of that, the event is encouraging those in attendance to reject unconstitutional laws, such as Washington’s Initiative 594 concerning background checks. 167 more words

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