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End of arguments at the 500 Paragraph 1 trial

This afternoon, in room 1.10 of Montreal Municipal Court, attorneys challenging the 500 Paragraph provision of the Highway Safety Code faced off against Quebec’s Attorney-General. This challenge is being done on behalf of those arrested on 15 March 2011 at the COBP march against police brutality. 1,043 more words

George Orwell in Budapest: The new surveillance law

When faced with the task of writing a post my usual problem is that I have far too much material. On any given topic there can easily be 50-60 news items and opinion pieces. 868 more words


Policy and Constitutional Principle

As a Brit teaching early American history in the US, I’m often asked how I came to be fascinated by the American Revolution. My answer is generally some version of the following: I’m fascinated by the American Revolution because there are so many reasons why it shouldn’t have ended with the creation of an American republic. 969 more words


The Unconstitutionality of the Florida Property Tax

If you held title to a particular residential property in Delray Beach, Florida the annual property tax due to the town could be either $600 or $2,800. 621 more words


Aris (Phils.) Inc. vs. NLRC [G.R. No. 905501. August 05, 1991]

Ponente: DAVIDE, JR., J.


On 11 April 1988, private respondents, who were employees of petitioner, aggrieved by management’s failure to attend to their complaints concerning their working surroundings which had become detrimental and hazardous, requested for a grievance conference. 452 more words

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We Need Asexual Judges

So, while skimming through news articles about the Prop 8 rulingĀ  the other day, I read that the president of the American Family Association said that Judge Walker (the ruling judge) should have recused himself from the case because he is openly gay and that means his ruling wasn’t truly impartial because of that (I’ll try and find the whole quote and post it later). 287 more words