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D_Life: #2

These days, a new theory is finding its way into D’s mind. Being in his early twenties, things have started to solidify. Ice cream makes him more happy now than it did when he was a teenager. 153 more words



For those of you like me who are gluten free and cannot drink beerĀ  (or who chose not to drink beer) and only drink liquor, those mixed drinks can easily sneak up on you, huh?! 423 more words


Most people my age can’t wait until Friday so the grind can end! you know that grind? Wake up at the crack of dawn, get your kids ready for school/daycare, commute to work (THE TRAFFIC!!), fight your way through paperwork and non-stop meetings, commute home (FRIDAY AFTERNOON TRAFFIC!!), pickup wound upĀ kids who are ready to play, and the list goes on! 147 more words


Without my biggest stressor in my life anymore (my job) – I finally feel free. I feel like I can breathe again, and sleep again, and live my life again! 444 more words

I'm a Hopeless Romantic

It’s been a month since I left South Korea, the last place I called home. It’s been a month of being homeless, jobless, traveling, exploring new places, new experiences. 279 more words

The 10 Things I Experienced When I Went a Month Without News:

This February I decided to conduct a little experiment, on myself. I wanted to know what I would experience, and how I would feel, if I stopped paying attention to the news altogether. 1,938 more words

Unconventional Life

My blog seeks guests; come one, come all hurray!!!

Wow, Hello World, I have been a guest on a few other platforms to be able to say without any doubt that there is indeed joy in sharing. 220 more words

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