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Every street has a story - every wall has a tale

Lately there have been many discussions on graffiti, on who defines public space, on whether the people performing graffiti are artists or vandals.

I’m not the person to judge this, however I would like to share with you on this occasion a practice that Elais-Unilever has adopted on the empty walls of their own premises in Pireaus. 270 more words


Seeing the world differently

There seems to be a constant debate between the significance of visual vs. copy in advertising. Developments in technology have enabled any image to be within the creative director’s reach, but at the same time I think that copy is fundamental in giving the campaign character, aiding the shopper decision-process from aisles upon aisles of products. 206 more words


Are You Your Stuff?

Note: I know I’ve been absent from blogging for awhile now, the truth is I’ve been incredibly busy adjusting to life as a new graduate student with an internship, a part time job, and a 2 hour commute. 909 more words


Addressing Belief Perseverance

People don’t like being told they’re wrong. Most of us want to believe what we like, and we fall prey to various forms of confirmation bias… 448 more words

Unconventional Media

Journalism And Other Popular Misnomers

Communication can be perceived as a process occurring from the manipulation of agreed upon signs, symbols and sounds, etc. A typical goal of communication is to express or transmit some specific concept to another party, to achieve some goal of our own. 742 more words


The Effects of Flexible Morals in the Media

I’d like to start this post in a similar fashion to a previous post: When is it OK to torture people?


But of course, that may just be my opinion – and soon I could be  1,050 more words