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UN-COVER Magazine

UN-COVER is a magazine dummy I have created in collaboration with other journalists. During the production process, I filled the role of Assistant Editor.

The magazine is a smart, thought-provoking journey wishing to uncover the real stories in the world of fashion. 126 more words


Ever Bilena Uncover 2 Palette Review

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I saw a post from Ever Bilena showing some of their newest offerings. Since I am a fan of a few of their things, I opened their page and was so surprised to see they had made a sequel to their Uncover Palette. 225 more words

I'm great, thanks!

“Seriously, who among us is having a Great! day every day?  Who feels Terrific, thanks! all the time?

Nobody, but everybody.  Because this is how we say hello to one another. 502 more words



My hands are circuit boards, lines inked like solder

to connect all the dots. A map of who I am

woven into a cloak so you can’t see me at all… 53 more words


The Pursuit

I ran on the hill,
Swerving in and out of the darkened path
In pursuit of my brothers and cousin.
Never give up, I pant… 568 more words


Damned beauty.

“I can’t follow you anymore.”

She said behind the distance.

“But why? You said you’ll give it a shot.”

He asked from miles away, through a text message. 232 more words