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Room of ones Own

Need of room

Some space

Not place

To put something

But find what isn’t

Yet in mind

Or matter more

To open up

An inner door… 11 more words

Physicists Uncover Strange Numbers in Particle Collisions

(Source: www.wired.com)

At the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, physicists shoot protons around a 17-mile track and smash them together at nearly the speed of light. 2,905 more words



Watching Gruen transfer, series 2 #ABC presenter , Dee Madigan

discussions on advertising actors , the woman on the panel pipes up smiling and thinking she was quirky and fun .( Dee)She proceeds to tell a story , her advertising art department bosses called her in and had a line up of bikini model  , ok … So she is ready to work , then, Dee was told from this director” I was just bored.”. 103 more words


Reframing God - He Has Empowered, We Have Allowed

Reframing God

A great error has been perpetuated has been perpetuated in the church, that God allows suffering, and that God is to blame for suffering. 1,445 more words


Ghost Detector Gadgets

Do you want to hunt some ghost and uncover some paranormal activities? Well, if you want to do it you need to be prepare and you need to have a Read more

Countering accusations of Russia hacking voting machines

This is a 30 minuet video. For those short on time the basic jest is evidence is pointing towards America cyber attacking Russia then accusing them as the aggressor once they respond. 102 more words


. uncover~by Raj Babu Gandham

. uncover

however you

if not today

you will be


~ yathi

2016©Raj Babu Gandham