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We smile as we start

We smile as we start
To peel off our onion skins
Not quite knowing yet
What we’re digging into

It’s all roses for awhile
Until our eyes begin to burn… 116 more words


3 ways to make sure you get a table at high-demand restaurants

As a country girl with a penchant for fine dining, it still blindsides me when I’m told the waiting list for a destination restaurant is weeks long. 668 more words

Excited for Easter!

I think this year has been surprisingly free – in terms of my architecture course – maybe not relaxed and not completely free that I don’t need to work but rather I want to prioritise other things than work. 691 more words

God's Plan For Me :)

Áine Aura - MTL

Áine Aura is an artist making dark electronic pop, and making it exceptionally well. Her understated vocals on her latest track MTL combine with intoxicating production to produce a song worthy of catapulting Áine Aura far into the limelight. 36 more words


Lent: A Season of Holy Unearthing

Have you ever seen those news stories floating around on Facebook that say, “WOW You’ll never guess what this kid found while digging in his backyard!” or “Elderly woman discovers Chevy Bel Air buried behind house” or “pirate treasure discovered in playground?” Well. 986 more words

| Circa 1876 |

Recently I took up some Mark Twain; subject matter that nauseously bored me in my younger years, until now, left an impression on me.

An excerpt from “Old Times on the Mississippi” — a story of a boy with a desire to be a steamboatman & when given the opportunity to fulfill his dream he comes to the realization the work, hardship of the lifestyle & the knowledge required to accomplish Pilot status. 369 more words