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App Update

App to be uncovered soon, more details to come later.


Archaeologists Uncover Decapitated Remains at Elite School

Prince Charles probably didn’t know it at the time, but when he was attending the prestigious Gordonstoun school in Scotland, he was actually traversing the same grounds the Pictish clans once used for some rather barbaric rituals during the Bronze Age. 13 more words

Soldiers uncover another Boko Haram fuel dump in maiduguri

THE Army headquarters yesterday said its troops on counter-insurgency operation in Borno State have uncovered another fuel dump belonging to members of the Boko Haram terrorists group. 214 more words


Concept-based instruction in two simple words: uncover, transfer

A few years ago, my colleague Dave made these amazing stickers to help the concept-based model “stick” in teachers’ brains. They were oh-so-simple, but oh-so-effective. We had read chapters and chapters on concept-based curriculum and instruction (thanks, Erickson), the research that points to the need for conceptual frameworks (thanks, National Research Council) and tons of discipline specific stuff about the fundamental and powerful concepts that underpin mathematics, science, history, language arts, etc. 737 more words

Stage 3: Concept Based Curriculum And Instruction

Uncover Can I Trust Jesus

Our very final Uncover talk was focused on whether we can trust Jesus, particularly in light of the suffering, pain & evil we see all around us. 141 more words


Uncover Do I Need Jesus?

A common resistance to Jesus in the day-to-day of university campus ministry is: What’s the point? Do I really even need Jesus?

So, on Tuesday, we focused our Uncover Public Evangelistic Event on this very question – Our distinguished panellists encouraged everyone to consider whether science really does explain everything, whether life is really pretty good without Jesus and whether all religions & world views really say the same thing. 125 more words


In Uncover a Shark An It Book Books

China Daily AP: According to overseas media reports, November 11, Kelly Road, Dayton, New Zealand Underwater World,Monster Beats by Dr Dre iMonster Beats with ControlTalk Headphones Gold”, a female… 333 more words