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Juvenile Justice Bill: Where is the Justice for Juveniles?

In the aftermath of the Nirbhaya incident, a huge public outpour was in support of awarding the severe most punishment to the accused, including the juvenile involved who according to the media was the biggest perpetrator. 766 more words

Delhi Gangrape

5 key steps to a human rights based approach to the classroom

‘The compelling attraction of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights derives from its capacity to provide an alternative account of what binds human beings together…’ 171 more words


Childism at the Tate

Here’s a great article written by a great friend, Dr Sue Lyle, educator from Wales, UK. I would urge parents and teachers to read it with an open mind, maybe a couple of times. 77 more words


Best Interests of a Child and the UNCRC [ Tanzania v Secretary of State]

The United Kingdom ratified the UNCRC ( United Nations Convention on The Rights of a Child ) in April 1990. It has been passed by the United Nations General Assembly and includes full protection for both civil and political rights, including economic,social and cultural rights. 545 more words

International Law

Day Ten: The Right to Doodle

Hands up who recognises that moment of dread when you realise your toddler has been quiet too long?  I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and say the sofa was just collateral damage as she tried to colour in her hands, but still.  460 more words


This is Rio, my kid’s school mascot. Rio is a blue raven and is teaching the school kids about their rights as children.
I promised Rio he could make an appearance on Doodlemum as he has told me how well travelled he is!