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These simple flowers

Hold out hope for the future

Which I need right now.

Undaily Photo.

King Arthur’s jackdaw

Looks for the great king’s return,

Patiently waiting.

Undaily Photo.

Dune daisy.

The world turns. The year

Turns. Flowers grow, flowers fade.

Regretting nothing.

Undaily Photo.

Stormy weather.

Storms at sea. Angry

Winds, angry waves, angry words.

Gone beyond recall.

Thanks to Lize Bard of Haiku Out of Africa for the inspiration.

Undaily Photo.

Undaily photo.

Tools of the trade.

Needlecase and it’s contents, clippers, ruler, knitting needle gauge, notebook, bookmark, tiger tape, threads, book markers, a die, screwdriver, pliers, tape measure, cable ties and a few beads.

Undaily Photo.