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The Undaunted

She was hurt…

But she wore her scars proudly.

She was brave…

For she fought through her tear-filled eyes.

She was determined…

For she conquered all her battles. 33 more words

Undaunted By Prompts

Yesterday’s daily word was
What an odd word! Unlikely!
But then,
To the writer, every word
Is like a match that strikes up
The lights of imagination and… 32 more words

Daily Prompts

Slow economy? Restaurateurs are undaunted

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

In the past three months, hotelier- restaurateur Loh Lik Peng, 45, has added four more food and beverage (F&B) brands to his Unlisted Collection empire – making it a total of 15 so far. 1,608 more words

Current Affairs

Undaunted (selected poems 2014-2016) by Attila The Stockbroker

For over thirty years Attila The Stockbroker has stood as one of the primary forces in the movement of ranting poetry. Grown from the same place as the second wave of punk in the early 1980s, the ranters were often found on the same stages as their noisier contemporaries, but, like the bands, over the years most have fallen by the wayside in one way or another. 456 more words


Undaunted | Corgi | Trove

“Let’s go, Pup. They’re coming,” I said.

My trusted friend, an adorable brown-patched corgi, bounced to my side. It didn’t have a collar when it first showed up, so I called it ‘Pup’. 1,131 more words

Jeyna Grace

Mark Giordano: Undrafted, Unwanted, Undaunted

Is there something you want so bad, you can taste it? Are you willing to go sideways, upside down and over all obstacles to get where you want to go? 27 more words

Lets Talk About Dauntless

Do you know about Dauntless? You know… that Monster Hunter clone that’s coming to PC? The latest trailer just dropped so lets talk about that shit. 183 more words

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