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Brady/Osweiler I

AFC Game Of The Week

Patriots (10-0) at Broncos (8-2)

Patriots: It’s almost scary how identical this team is with the 2007 team. Remember eight years ago, through the first eight games of the season, New England steamrolled through their opponents and blew them out. 342 more words

AFC Game Of The Week

The undefeateds: Where are the remaining perfect teams?

As the playoffs continue in some places and state champions are crowned elsewhere, the tally of undefeated 11-man football teams continued to dwindle. From 498 last week… 204 more words


Will The Patriots Go Undefeated

It’s 2007 all over again for the Patriots.

Okay, no it isn’t, but it’s eerily similar. You don’t believe me, just look at the similarities. 1,105 more words


Golden State Is Undefeated!

The Golden State Warriors are undefeated and undeterred and are winning and are playing like warlords on a warpath. These 2015 Warriors have sprinted their way out ahead of the NBA pack in defense of their 2015 title. 452 more words


College or Pro Ball? (We All Know The Answer To That)

There’s nothing like college basketball.

Nothing. In college ball, there’s nothing like the thrill of an upset victory or the pain of  an agonizing defeat. Nothing. 461 more words


It's not even Thanksgiving; don't crown the Carolina Panthers yet

There’s no such thing as an upset in the NFL. Oh, maybe when Joe Namath was lying around on beach chairs, but not today, not in 2015 when the differences between good and bad teams are almost unrecognizable and the difference between good and great can often mean how an interception was deflected or that day’s referee’s interpretation of a catch. 1,044 more words