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Mozart effect for pigs

A study conducted at Krakow University of Agriculture shows that pigs grow fatter when listening to Mozart music in comparison to pigs listening to symphonic versions of pieces by The Scorpions. 84 more words


The Definition of Love

Love: (noun \ˈləv\) a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person

It is an amazing thing that humans have concluded on the definition of a word so divine, so intimate, and so personal.   419 more words

Mathematics Tutorial #01: The Number System

Article (A): Infinity and related concepts

What actually is infinity?
Often come across the term infinity (∞) in mathematics. For example: tan 90 = ∞ 327 more words


Sink Ship

We haste towards this sunset

bobbing below the horizon

that oily Van Gogh painting

navy blue and violet hues

flagship submerging under

a flash baptism… 27 more words


Eyebags I carry around. 

While someone else makes me stay up late talking and laughing with them, you also make me stay up late writing about you.