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An Undefined Life

It’s been 9 months since I have written anything at all.  This is primarily because about a year ago, I discovered a job opening at a local Wine & Paint venue and thought to myself, “hey, I paint,” and then, “maybe I’m good enough to teach these classes.” 664 more words

So much more than Aspirin…a study visit at Bayer

Discussions are intense as Ben Armstrong, Jennifer Bold and Alan Meyer from Drug Discovery and Preclinical Development at Ygeia, a US based pharma company focusing on oncology, are discussing the potential in four different drug candidates. 749 more words


A casual vocab lesson in popular science

Picture this: It’s a sunny Saturday afternoon and I’m having a coffee with other KI PhD students in Stockholm. We talk about work, science and interests, and I mention I’m really fascinated by popular science. 345 more words


#BecauseJavaScript Part 3 - Undefined makes a comeback...

Once again, I’m having to explain why JavaScript behaves a certain way… Programmers other than myself are baying for Brendan Eich’s blood because they don’t understand what is happening and just chalk it up to #BecauseJavaScript… 751 more words

Installing "Active Directory Users and Computers"

I often need to know what users belong to an AD group. To do this you need to install the “Active Directory Users and Computers” feature. 48 more words


Slave to Society

When we look at the definitions of slaves and society we will find the definition of people today. Unfortunately the world and the governments have enslaved the people, without them realizing. 171 more words


The Results of a Scholarship Don't Define Us (A Short and Late Post)

Dear Friends,

As you may remember, we applied to a major scholarship from Go Overseas a couple of months ago.

When I was in undergrad, it felt like funding was nearly unlimited. 229 more words