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Endless nights in the office, ready-meal allergy and Colorado

So I have not written anything in ages… and I will not write anything of value now…but I will conclude 3 things;

1. Responding to reviewer comment are not at all as straight forward as I might have expected.   155 more words


Heritability: a story from the bathroom

Since last summer, I have been working on the ‘heritability (h2)’ for almost half year, it’s defined as the proportion of the phenotypic variance of human disease or complex traits attributed to genetic effects. 284 more words



i was young once, and way back when, i went dancing at a club in washington dc and met someone who looked very much like you, i now recall. 102 more words

What is Undefined and Null in JavaScript?

Many people get confused with the difference between undefined and null. In truth, it’s quite simple to see how it works.

=》Undefined is the default value assigned to any variable. 61 more words



Announcing our line up for UNDEFINED 2!

UNDEFINED is a night with unfixed limits in art: language, music, and visual. Bringing the conceptual and experimental in poetry, film, performance, art, and music that fits nowhere and everywhere. 1,078 more words