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The Way of the Caterpillar

Caterpillar arrives in the world knowing only what he can be: a beautiful, free-spirited butterfly! But rather than immediately hating himself, and focusing on what he is not and does not have, Caterpillar begins to love himself. 249 more words


How Your Animals Will Make Your Life Happy

I am going to tell you guys about something I call, Animal Therapy.

Animal Therapy is simply implementing animals into your daily life to therapeutically restore positive vibes and catalyze happiness. 1,040 more words


Vague and Undefined

Life is so absurd at times that it makes you lament. This madness, this confusion drains such a significant part of you that your soul begins to lose its essence. 147 more words

Variable Existence. JavaScript Tips

Let’s get going directly to see examples without talking much.  :D

If we want to know whether a variable has a value:

We can do, 206 more words


Why Self-Love is the Key to Success

What is success?

Success is relative. It is defined differently by everyone. Some may define success by their financial abundance, others may define it by the amount of friends they have. 1,982 more words



Late at night we talk and we let ourselves be swooned with sweet words. Each letters perfumed with love, we form the words with joy and let these words find each other’s meaning, as we intimately find each other’s heart. 78 more words

Recipe for a healthy life

I’ve just came across this short blog post by Isaiah Hankel and I felt that his observation is so valuable that I just have to share it with you on this blog. 63 more words