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The Results of a Scholarship Don't Define Us (A Short and Late Post)

Dear Friends,

As you may remember, we applied to a major scholarship from Go Overseas a couple of months ago.

When I was in undergrad, it felt like funding was nearly unlimited. 229 more words


Science is for everyone. Why I will march for science

The global “March for Science” is happening very soon. This will be a worldwide event where everybody is invited to show their support for science and the crucial role it plays in our lives. 295 more words


New blog

After getting tired of Jekyll, here I am using WordPress knowing well about it’s shortcomings. This blog would be used mostly for short posts regarding CTF challenges, reversing and generally anything I see fit.


New blogger alert: Katy Lloyd on immunology and industry

Hello readers. I’m Katy and I am here today to introduce myself as a new writer for the KI Researcher and Careers blog. I come from the lusciously green (yet inevitably wet) land of the Celts, otherwise known as Wales. 245 more words



Do you know what are those called?

Those are named as Peerler Breads!

Do you think it is difficult to create?

If you think so, you are wrong! 31 more words

Events At SCCACC


Ever come across people who say they’re just “hanging out” with someone but they’re actually acting like a couple and doing things that are supposed to be for those who are in a LEGIT RELATIONSHIP? 30 more words

Happy Singles

Short Poem: Undefined

Like a quantity divided by zero, I am undefined.

I am cognition in your mind.

I slip through your fingers when you try to figure me out. 105 more words