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Like Nobody Else

You and me

We can never be defined

We don’t fit the rules

That society dictates

There’s no label for us

No place on the shelf… 11 more words



I can’t get this feeling right

I don’t know if I ever might

I can’t rip it from inside

I can’t fight against the tide… 32 more words


JavaScript Interview Day # 2: Can you explain undefined and null

Have they ever asked you? “Can you explain null and undefined in JavaScript?” This question is very trivial but important. As a JavaScript developer, you must have absolute understanding on undefined and null. 783 more words


Updates and More Glitches

Hey guys, RedLizard2015 here. I’m back with some updates  in the glitching realm.

Exhibit A: The talking hack

With this hack, I can make anyone saying anything. 180 more words


Set a default parameter value for a JavaScript function

First Solution

From ES6/ES2015, default parameters is in the language specification.

function read_file(file, delete_after = false) {
  // Code

just works.

Reference: Default Parameters – MDN… 138 more words


Don't Stop.

Over the past couple weeks I’ve been struggling with what to write. But then I realized I should write about something that I feel passionate about and have been dealing with personally because that will be the most meaningful. 619 more words

~Anime Club upcoming Events~


SCCACC’S EXPLORATION: Kizuki and Izakaya, Northgate

Japanese Culture X Anime Club: Movie day Plus Food party

Workshop of Anime Key chain

Get a prize!


Anime Convention Sakura con 

Events At SCCACC