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Maybe we are going to slowly disappear from each other’s life over the next few years, not because we want it to happen, but because… 377 more words

Undelivered Letters

Little Note to Graphenic

Dear my fellow Graphen11c,

We were just stranger in the first place then in the hands of fate, we met and faced the roller coaster of college life together as friend, best friend, or should I called you as family. 61 more words

Undelivered Letters

Mr. Great Conversation

I haven’t had a quality talk with stranger.

As a socially-awkward person, I never had a long conversation with stranger. I only talk a bit just to ask about place, time or transportation. 232 more words

Undelivered Letters

My Morning Elevator

It was my rush morning.

I could never forget the first time I saw you that day. Both of us arrive ten minutes after the bell ringsĀ and wait for the elevator to come in the lobby. 252 more words

Undelivered Letters

To You Who Are Struggling

A little note to you who are struggling.

“Maybe somethings don’t get better, but
we do. We get stronger. We learn to live
with our situations as messy and ugly as… 99 more words

Undelivered Letters

Wouldn't Change A Thing

Four years of separating ways would never get us to same destination. You run to the left and I choose to walk into the right thirty minutes longer. 179 more words

Undelivered Letters