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Mr. Smiling Isn't Smiling Anymore?

Do you remember when Jered Fogle was first seen after his indictment in court and how he was surrounded by his team of lawyers…? He had this look of, “Little innocent me. 137 more words

This Too Will Pass

The A Little on the Heavy-Side Deflowering Back-Story

I’ve been told that I tend to live my life in extremes; everything is very black or white, with little or no gray to speak of.  762 more words



Manchester Police are not the only ones and it occurs in Liverpool too.

I know this because I was involves in all this myself, though not me being groomed you understand. 98 more words

Ethical dilemma of the week. A fifteen year old girls asks if she can be prescribed the oral contraceptive pill.

You are a GP and you see Millie, a fifteen year old who comes alone. She tells you that she would like to go on the pill. 11 more words

Lesbian student gets felony charge

I changed the title from the original one on Yahoo!/ABC because their wording sucks.

I agree that if gays and lesbians want equality it has to be all or nothing. 341 more words