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RCMP association calls for commissioner to step down after charges laid

WATCH: The charges against the RCMP follow a Global News investigation into whether Mounties have the proper equipment and training to deal with active shooter situations. 818 more words


Total policing expenses pegged at $9 million for Moncton RCMP shootings

Watch Above: Municipalities are in talks are underway to find out how much time they have to pay off RCMP manhunt. Global’s Brion Robinson reports. 236 more words


Paulson in the hot seat in committee after 16x9 investigation

WATCH: Commissioner Bob Paulson called the 16×9 report sensational and says he’s dealing with members concerns. But as Vassy Kapelos reports, Paulson admitted he hasn’t watched the story. 527 more words


Paulson asked to testify about serious concerns over RCMP equipment, training

WATCH: There’s growing reaction to a Global News investigation into RCMP training and preparedness. Federal Liberals are calling on Commissioner Bob Paulson to testify about some of the concerns of his frontline officers. 374 more words


Hell is Mud

Although it’s starting a little late this year, we’re coming to that special time in Vermont.  Mud Season! When the muddy ruts in the road suck your tires into their depths and the only way to save yourself and your car is to drive faster. 584 more words


Conservatives accused of compromising public safety after Global News 16x9 Moncton shooting report

WATCH: 16×9’s investigation into RCMP equipment and training has struck a chord with many frontline officers. The RCMP won’t comment, so Carolyn Jarvis went to Ottawa to look for answers. 395 more words