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Under Fire – Le Feu

These are not soldiers, these are men. They are not adventurers or warriors, designed for human butchery – as butchers or cattle. They are the ploughmen or workers that one recognizes even in their uniforms.

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First World War

German refugee policy under fire after a week of bloodshed

BERLIN (AP) — Four attacks in a week, three of them carried out by asylum seekers, have left Germany on edge and Chancellor Angela Merkel’s policies of welcoming refugees under renewed criticism. 911 more words

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Sidewinder's View: "Under Fire" (1983) [Warning: SPOILERS]

From 1983, this morning’s movie. Haven’t seen it since I was a teen back in the mid-’80s. I remember little about the movie, except that Ed Harris plays a mercenary, or CIA spook, or both, who, at one point in the movie, snipes a young, affable Sandinista who throws hand grenades with incredible accuracy (because the kid’s a talented baseball player, after all), and that, after Harris takes him out, we’re supposed to feel bad about that because…well, my memory’s spotty on exactly why we’re supposed to feel bad about that, but… 568 more words

Fukushima Exclusion Zone Photographer Under Fire

A group of semi-viral images has gained some negative attention in Japan. Photographer Keow Wee Loong claimed to illegally cross in the Red Zone of Fukushima… 861 more words


Spanish leftists’ party under fire for "anti-Semitic" Obama tweet

(JTA) — Spanish Jews condemned a left-wing party’s use of anti-Semitic imagery meant to protest President Barack Obama’s upcoming visit to the country. 341 more words

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Global News wins 13 RTDNA Network awards

Global News has been honoured with a total of 13 RTDNA 2015 Network Awards for its television and online news coverage.

RTDNA Canada, the Association of Electronic Journalists, honours the best journalists, programs, stations and newsgathering organizations in radio, television and digital annually. 755 more words


“Ο Άντρος να δει τα «χάλια» στα οποία οδηγήθηκε το κόμμα…”

Με τον ΓΓ του ΑΚΕΛ τα βάζει η διευθύντρια της “Χαραυγής” Ανδρούλα Γκιούρωφ

Με στήλη στην ιστοσελίδα της, η Ανδρούλα Γκιούρωφ, «επιτίθεται» στον Γ.Γ. του ΑΚΕΛ Άντρο Κυπριανού και τον καλεί να δει τα «χάλια» στα οποία οδηγήθηκε το κόμμα.