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The Swarming of Reena Wirk

This book describes a horrific murder that occurred in 1997 in the beautiful province of British Columbia in Canada. The murder was unusual in that the killers were girls. 2,266 more words

Human Interest

Under The Bridge (VI)

|| Noun ||

I’ve reached the point where I just want to hang on for dear life and never let go. So tell me something. Anything. 31 more words


Under The Bridge (V)

It hurts in my chest it hurts in my heart

It hurts everywhere I can touch

Down to depths of my lungs

To the tips of my bloody veins… 112 more words


Under The Bridge (IV)

More often than not we only see what we want to see and are oblivious to the rest. I’ve realised that most friendships rise from the most joyous occasion and crumble in the gentlest of winds. 72 more words


under the bridge

July 30th

more summer dance videos @ moveandtell.com

A video posted by NitaB (@nitab_c) on Jul 30, 2015 at 9:56pm PDT

danced, filmed & edited by Nita music: unvoiced fricative, by Coin Gutter

Summer Dances 2015

Under The Bridge (III)


“You can’t have a rainbow, without a little rain.”


I don't ever want to feel...

I’ve been working on this on guitar…playing and singing. This song pretty much sums up my emotional state today…