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Under the bridge

Location: Westerdokskade, Amsterdam

上方頂著一列列經過的火車,在橋下總有許多故事,快速駛過的車、步行來此的遊客或是急忙趕赴下一個約會的自行車騎士,在Amsterdam,這裡是連接一條條運河的水道,canal bus 有時小心翼翼的開過這狹窄的通道,昏暗的燈光下停放了一輛輛 oma bikes (奶奶自行車)加上牢固的鎖,風吹過時讓水拍打著水泥柱,發出陣陣啪啦啪啦的聲響,閉上眼睛,感覺前方的光,會帶你通往,那下一個美好、廣大無垠的藍世界。

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"Under the Bridge and Over the Rail"

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are my favorite band. In 2012, they came to my state. I had been dating my boyfriend (now fiance) for three months at the time. 452 more words

Under the Bridge

A couple of weeks ago on an evening walk I noticed this magical space under a bridge and ended up spending a longer while there taking photos.


Under Big Poppa Is An Epic Mash Up Of The Notorious B.I.G. And Red Hot Chili Peppers

Even though DJ SERAFIN created this gem in 2009, he released it on soundcloud just yesterday. He is quoted as saying, “it’s still One of my Favorite Mash Ups of all time.” And I do have to agree, it’s pretty ace. See what you think.


Gig Review: Professor Green

This article was originally published here on The Upcoming.com.

Clean-cut, smiling and shining with a controlled energy, Hackney-bred freestyler Professor Green took the stage on Wednesday at… 393 more words


Flea Market

My dad’s favorite scene lies out in New Taipei, under a highway bridge. This flea market isn’t the hip contemporary American scene for youth to sell and or plunder grandma’s attic treasures, but mostly consists of crooked faced, paan chewing chain smokers haggling over tools, suspicious collections of jade antiques, bins beyond bins of cheap porn, and polished, generic name brand flip phones. 64 more words

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