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I watch the smoke dance draft-blown patterns around his head and take another hit. More haze. My nose burns as Quentin tells me to slow down, to get out of my head and back into reality with him. 163 more words

D.R. Breshears

Under the Influence

by Julie Zine Coleman

He was a scary drunk. Normally a fun-loving, gentle man, when alcohol was in his system, he transformed into a frightening spectacle. 585 more words

My Friends

An old magazine featuring some annoying new diet trend is thrust in my face, powdered generously with a snow more beautiful than anyone Christmas Eve could produce. 424 more words

D.R. Breshears

Bad Trip #2

Monday, June 4th, 2018

This was going to be a poem, but I changed my mind. Let it be a liberating stream of consciousness.

Two nights ago was a disturbing ride through my imagination. 385 more words


Poem: Under the Influence

Pounding heart and shaking voice,

With a stomach tightly knotted.

Oh what is this thing

You do to me

To make me so besotted.

It is no drug, 24 more words