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Underwater photography using your mobile phone! Underwater/ Overwater Trick

Summer is here! Here is a little trick you can use to take photos underwater  with a really cool underwater/ overwater effect!

You will need a clear glass large enough to put your phone inside. 107 more words

Over Water Photography

All Things Bright and Beautiful

It is no secret that I enjoy photographing the little things.  This hydro-sapien loves being able to see and share, the almost microscopic world that exists under water, with land dwellers.   586 more words


Underwater Photography 101: "Clean it Up!" (Dealing with Backscatter)

Most photographers don’t worry too much about dust particles floating in the air in front of their subjects, but in underwater photography, particles in the water is one of our main concerns.   635 more words


Flashback Thursday- A Nudiphile Episode

It’s no secret that I have a serious slug crush on nudibranchs.  So for Flashback Thursday, I thought I would just share some of my favorite nudibranch images. 217 more words

Scuba Diving

My first under water shoot

This week i purchased a under water housing for my Canon 5D Mark III made by Newer and I love it! is my first time shooting under water and I just used available light, the model is my girlfriend Morgan Temanson and we had a blast on the pool shooting this images, the housing performed as advertised and is very easy to operate, I love the fact that i can zoom under water! 12 more words


Underwater Photography 101: "Face the Music!"

One of the challenging things as an underwater photographer is getting your subjects to face the camera. Marine critters are inexplicably camera shy!  Most likely, it is because of the bright focus light you are shining in their face, but it could also be that your dome port looks like a big eye and that can freak out any little beasty. 665 more words


The Experiences of Learning Diving in Tulamben, Bali

As the world’s largest archipelago country, with around 70 percent of its territory comprising of water, Indonesia is blessed with plenty of breathtaking underwater scenery. Many divers make their way to the country’s many islands to discover this beauty. 686 more words