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Beneath the Waves

Lola Mitchell was born in Paris and is now has her studio and business in Los Angeles. Most of her shots are set up near the surface or beneath the surface of water. 150 more words

Art And Design

Underwater Photography 101: Lightroom's Local Tools

Creative Cloud has announced their 2015 update to Adobe products and among them is a cool update to the local tools in Lightroom.  I’m talking about one of my favorite new tools, “Dehaze.”  For the past few months, this tool has been a global tool residing in the “Effects” module (where it can still be found).   140 more words


Fun Facts about the Cuttlefish

Of all the interesting creatures in the sea, the cuttlefish has to be one of the most unusual.  Though it bears the name “fish,” it isn’t a fish at all, but a cephalopod, which includes creatures such as octopus, squid, and nautiluses. 397 more words


Underwater photography using your mobile phone! Underwater/ Overwater Trick

Summer is here! Here is a little trick you can use to take photos underwater  with a really cool underwater/ overwater effect!

You will need a clear glass large enough to put your phone inside. 107 more words

Photography Tutorial

All Things Bright and Beautiful

It is no secret that I enjoy photographing the little things.  This hydro-sapien loves being able to see and share, the almost microscopic world that exists under water, with land dwellers.   586 more words


Underwater Photography 101: "Clean it Up!" (Dealing with Backscatter)

Most photographers don’t worry too much about dust particles floating in the air in front of their subjects, but in underwater photography, particles in the water is one of our main concerns.   635 more words