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Free Education Online Webinars

On Thursday 21 April 2016 the Persona dolls helped to illustrate a presentation for Free Education Online Webinars. It was the first session of a two part series and the teachers who participated used the whiteboard slides and the chat text box to interact with each other to find solutions to the needs of students described in Neihart & Betts Revised Profiles of the Gifted and Talented. 99 more words

Head Up, Head Down

Dear Terrence,

Since you first entered my classroom, you have really not been that much of a positive influence on the rest of the class. But today, you really set some example. 56 more words

Letters To Students

Just Like... Me!?

This past fall we made the decision to let go of our Unschooling ways in favor for a more structured Charlotte Mason routine and now, half a year later, I am taking a second look at our decision. 920 more words


If You Haven't Achieved Greatness, Can You Be Gifted?

Here it is. That pesky old question. You’ve heard it. You grapple with it.

If you aren’t a high achiever, can you be gifted? If your achievements aren’t “great,” can you be gifted? 425 more words

Introducing Sally

I found Sally in the Salvation Army Opportunity Shop and bought her for the absolute bargain price of $4.20 (a sewing pattern to make a Raggedy Ann doll costs $16). 43 more words

Pressure, Paralysis And Your Great Potential

Have people repeatedly accused you of not living up to your potential? Were you called an underachiever when your grades in school were not A’s? Are people shocked and disappointed that you didn’t become a Nobel prize winning neurosurgeon? 359 more words


They tell all the grownups
That I’ve got ‘special needs’
As though to make a difference
To the way they should proceed.
Some just talk quite slowly… 258 more words