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How Can You Be Too Much And Not Enough At The Same Time?

How is it possible to be both too much and not enough at the same time?

Here’s how:

Reasons you think that you are too much: 470 more words

More of the same will not shift that long tail of underachievement.

It’s an unfortunate reality that Maori and Pacific people make up the bulk of the tail of underachievement within the New Zealand education system. Not all, but the bulk. 812 more words


Under-Occupation Oration*

The fly in my current employment
Is not-infrequent lack of deployment…
The Sitting Around With Nothing To Do
Like a lonely exhibit in Human zoo… 194 more words


There are a number of possible causes of underachievement in life. Most people gravitate to a self-diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder, however. The possible causes are: 594 more words


Why Do We All Need to Know More About Executive Functions?

Executive functions consist of those mental processes that allow us to participate fully in a variety of roles and relationships through planning, focusing and remembering while controlling our impulses and working systematically to achieve goals.  863 more words

Social/Emotional Needs

Where’s Waldo?  Finding Your Progress Outliers and Underachievers

This month Waldo (known as Wally in GB) had his 25th birthday.  There are now numerous pictures with one red and white hooped sweatshirt and hat wearing bespectacled Waldo for you to find in the crowd.  1,190 more words


Are Children of Overachieving Parents More Likely to Underachieve?

Let’s step into the shoes of an underachieving child who was born to overachieving parents. It should be nothing too hard, shouldn’t it? Well, the answer is a big fat NO. 391 more words