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The Emotional Impact of a Visual Processing Disorder

April is Autism Acceptance Month. I wrote a post at the beginning of this month about a visual processing disorder called Meares-Irlen Syndrome. This disorder is more common in autistic people, but is also pretty common in the general population. 719 more words


Good practice habits alone could have helped Joseph to develop his musical talent

Joseph, my talented high school student, went on to college before I could get him to change his deficient work habits. His undeveloped musical talent showed itself in the widely varying levels of skill within his technique: for example, his quick mental grasp of the fingerboard made music-reading and etude-learning easy for him, but his tone production lagged far behind. 149 more words

Gifted Children

Undeveloped talent: “I can’t remember the last time I had to study for a test.”

Joseph, the student who could easily see the cello fingerboard in his head after hardly any practice, came to my studio when he was a high school junior. 188 more words

Gifted Children

Mental Illness, Success and Underachievement

We live in a society in which people are taught to evaluate themselves and their self-worth in terms of success. I was taught to equate happiness with achievement and learned that the core purpose of my life was trying to get good grades, win sports competitions, climb up the corporate job ladder and so on. 616 more words

A Quasi-Experimental Study into the Effects of Cross-Age Peer Tutoring on Student Attainment

February 2018


Anne Marie Plumb
Faculty of Education


Existing literature heavily speculates on the effectiveness of methods for raising the attainment of underachieving pupils, but evidence of precisely how these methods of intervention could be conducted is sparse. 5,337 more words

Masters Dissertation Award

Education: The perfect political storm for underachievement continues — Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

Guest Post: By Alwyn Poole I am biased – education is my life work – but I think Shamubeel Eaqub is right, the children were overlooked this election.

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Breaking the Underachievement Cycle #Thursday Thunk

Most of my week has been spent in departmental self-evaluation meetings; most of the month in meetings, with various people, discussing the summer’s results and how we intend to move forward. 690 more words