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Experience can be a great thing 

Shore , Church of England school, Sydney

Last week I met with an experienced school leader who runs one of Sydney’s most prestigious private schools. … 117 more words

I've seen a learning environment that lifts underachievement and benefits all students

In my last blog post I described how I had come to the realisation of how I was actually making a positive impact on the learning of the students in my class. 1,164 more words


While I roast in mediocrity, the big names are haunting me,

And I ask myself, “Where is the genius in my misery?”


Considering the Needs of Underachievers and Underrepresented Groups in Gifted Programs

Charles Sutton

Galileo School for Gifted Learning

Level 7 Learning

Reis (n.d.) identified a number of possible reasons that gifted students may underachieve. Her final—and perhaps most salient—point is that “…there are some students who may underachieve as a direct result of inappropriate and unmotivating curriculum, and before we try to ‘fix’ them, or punish them for their behavior, perhaps we need to advocated drastic curriculum changes for them” (p. 1,407 more words

Gifted Boys and Identity

I have seen this over and over: Boys who are gifted but not challenged in elementary school are finally identified for gifted programming in middle school. 112 more words

Just Give Me This One Night To Feel That I Might Be On The Right Path, The Path That Takes Me Home, Wise Enough To Know Myself

I have always wanted to juggle five balls. I mean, it looks cool when I see people juggle more than two balls. This, I thought, was something I could achieve. 377 more words