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The cycle of England sporting underachievement

And so, as England go crashing out of another major sporting event before it’s even properly got going, a familiar gloom hangs over the country. 850 more words


It's Either All or Nothing

Dear Reader(s),

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had an all-or-nothing attitude.  I can either do something very well or not do it at all. 449 more words

About Me

It's not Our Fault Your Boy-Child is Stupid

Oh men. When girls and women wise up to your bullshit and beat you at your own game, you give the table a good ole spin. 1,408 more words


Concerning my desire to complain about Greek language

Something about Greek makes me feel as though I am again a seven-year-old wad of neuroses, hemmed in by innumerable fears and crippled internally by my own shameful self-awareness. 370 more words

Mediocrity – The Way to Go

We are all exhorted to strive for excellence these days, but as you’ve probably noticed, not a lot of people are getting there.

The problem with the inspirational guru-speak and universal calls to action with which we are bombarded each day is that, though some might be given a nudge towards excellence (whatever that is), most of us are stuck with who we are. 75 more words


Why kick off isn't always met with optimism

Our editor’s column says it’s not all positivity and good will for some as the season starts again 508 more words


Poorer children perceived as less able by teachers

10th June 2015

Yesterday, 9th June 2015, The Guardian published an article drawing on recent research from the University College London’s (UCL) Institute of Education.  This research found that teachers often perceive pupils from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds as less able than their peers and, as a result, they may be unconsciously marked down in internal assessments at school.   154 more words

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