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'An anxious, urgent sound: the music of chance' - Jim Ruland

This week’s Undercover Soundtrack is so raw and honest. Although all great books are personal journeys for the writer as well as the reader, this one has a truly traumatic back story. 49 more words

Undercover Soundtrack

'Unending feelings of loss and loneliness' - The Undercover Soundtrack, Chrissie Parker

My guest this week has a historical novel with two timelines, each of them full of loss and turmoil. Music by Portishead, Jem and The Moxy defined the characters and their dilemmas, hurling her into their lives and channeling their emotions as she wrote. 51 more words

The Undercover Soundtrack

'Armour and post-punk lullabies' - The Undercover Soundtrack, Guy Mankowski

My guest this week says his novel emerged as part of his creative writing PhD. He was inspired by the post-punk scene in Manchester, and drew on a soundtrack of The Manic Street Preachers, New Order, Ultravox, Savages and David Bowie to summon the grim streets of the city and the mindset of his troubled main character, a rock star who mysteriously disappears. 15 more words

The Undercover Soundtrack

'Men, women, flirtation and heartbreak' - The Undercover Soundtrack, Chris Hill

My guest this week describes his novel as a romantic comedy about a young man’s attempts to find love through an internet community. Despite its thoroughly contemporary setting, he says it was sparked by a song from the early 1960s, by a band who have long faded into obscurity. 55 more words

Roz Morris

'I heard a song being played in an electrical store' - Glynis Smy

I’m particularly pleased to welcome this week’s guest as I seem to have known her for all the time I’ve been zipping about the internet. When I was first blogging, and launching the original… 101 more words

Undercover Soundtrack